affectionate Collocations
affectionate1) Bo is very affectionate and happy happy happy.
2) He is very sweet and affectionate little boy.
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affectionate behaviour1) This friendly, affectionate behaviour is often extended to humans.
2) Darcy cites her affectionate behaviour to Jane .
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affectionate cat1) They are lovely, affectionate cats and need a home together.
2) They are very friendly, affectionate cats , used to children.
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affectionate child1) So no more at present from your affectionate child .
2) Love to all friends, from your affectionate children .
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affectionate hug1) His arms wrapped around the boy in an affectionate hug .
2) He gave me an affectionate hug before leaving the visitor's room.
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affectionate kiss1) He drew her towards him and planted an affectionate kiss on her forehead.
2) Francie and Margaret gave her light, dry, affectionate kisses on each cheek.
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affectionate memory0) But the new Agatha Christie Society is more than an outlet for affectionate memories .
1) I have very affectionate memories of Sidney, one of the elder Fawcett boys.
2) Named The Bantry said to be in affectionate memory of the Irish labourers, from the fishing town of that name in County Cork, who constructed it.
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affectionate name1) The camp latrines were given affectionate names .
2) An affectionate name used by students and alumni for their Alma Mater.
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affectionate nickname1) She earned the affectionate nickname 'Magic Stick'.
2) His initials earned him the affectionate nickname of Choo-Choo .
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affectionate parody1) The Fourth Doctor's distinctive appearance and manner have made him a target for affectionate parody .
2) Teasing includes light and affectionate parody , good-humoured mockery, simple one-dimensional poking fun, benign spoofs.
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affectionate pat1) He gave him an affectionate pat on the bottom.
2) Many people give their horse a good and obviously affectionate pat when their horses do something well.
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affectionate relationship1) He has always had an affectionate relationship with them.
2) He often criticized her decisions, which negatively affected their otherwise affectionate relationship .
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affectionate squeeze1) He slipped an arm around her waist and gave her an affectionate squeeze .
2) 'I like your determination,' Wynne-Jones said with an affectionate squeeze of her arm.
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affectionate term1) He always spoke of him in the most affectionate terms .
2) She remarried but remained on affectionate terms with Gwenn.
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affectionate thought1) My affectionate thoughts go also to the dear people of Emilia Romagna affected by an earthquake a few hours ago.
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affectionate towards1) They are extremely sweet and affectionate towards their master.
2) She becomes affectionate towards Atsuki if you manage not to annoy her.
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affectionate tribute1) This is an affectionate tribute well worth the time, especially for chant lovers.
2) The sad and affectionate tributes came in profusion on the news of Bobs death.
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be affectionate1) We had no idea reptiles were affectionate .
2) Love to play and are very affectionate .
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become affectionate0) Ranma always became more affectionate after sex.
1) She becomes affectionate towards Atsuki if you manage not to annoy her.
2) From being a little bitter it had become increasingly affectionate , as Matey had shrewdly noted.
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friendly affectionate1) This friendly , affectionate behaviour is often extended to humans.
2) They are very friendly , affectionate cats, used to children.
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loving affectionate1) He was a loving affectionate husband, tender father and a faithful friend and brother.
2) She and John have a loving and affectionate relationship, despite his self-absorption.
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loyal affectionate1) They are loyal , affectionate and loving with a happy disposition.
2) They are easy-going, loyal and affectionate .
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very affectionate1) Bo is very affectionate and happy happy happy.
2) Love to play and are very affectionate .
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warm affectionate1) People here are very warm and affectionate .
2) If I was sad, she was warm and affectionate .
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