affection Collocations
a bit of affection1) Those who live with them are sometimes unable to care for them adequately or even show them a bit of affection .
2) When the frightened Fritelli says he does not want glory - just a bit of affection , Alexina brushes his objections aside.
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admiration affection1) He was regarded with the greatest admiration and affection by his officers.
2) I have great admiration and affection for Archbishop Tutu.
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affection1) His subordinate generals often felt little affection .
2) And real affection may negate such stances.
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affection admiration1) And he returned that affection and admiration .
2) For her younger sister I felt a similar affection and admiration .
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affection attention1) Tenderness, appreciation, affection and attention .
2) Kingsley lavished all his children with affection , attention , and luxury.
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affection concern1) Such personal questions convey valid affection and concern from guests.
2) Older children also show affection and concern when the infant cries.
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affection esteem1) That was the measure of affection and esteem in which he was held.
2) This discrepancy is associated with dejection from perceived or anticipated loss of social affection or esteem .
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affection for0) The simple affection for pigeons generally called pigeon .
1) The place always held affection for him.
2) We shall always retain a fond affection for those fellows.
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affection gratitude1) I shall always look back on my Ackworth years with affection and gratitude .
2) That was the last time George had felt any affection or gratitude to old Dersingham.
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affection love1) But this is not sincere affection or love .
2) You need time, affection and love to experiment.
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affection loyalty1) Harry's relationships with adult and juvenile wizards are based on affection and loyalty .
1) Or, does he serve God out of affection and loyalty to God's cause?
2) What will happen when other individuals lay claim to the girls' affection and loyalty is another question.
2) As the name suggests, the churches of the Anglican Communion are linked by affection and common loyalty .
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affection respect1) Civilization is to hold one another in mutual affection and respect .
2) A term of affection and respect .
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affections1) His social affections were warm and tender.
2) He united a quick understanding with tender affections .
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attention affection1) Children must receive attention and affection to develop in a healthy manner.
2) Realizing they are all interconnected and requires my fullest attention and affection .
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brotherly affection1) Wee must entertaine each other in brotherly affection .
2) Romans 12:10 - Love one another with brotherly affection .
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care affection1) Doctors argued over her care and affections .
2) Food, health support, education, kindness, care , affection .
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confidence affection1) During the eight-month tour he gained the king's confidence and affection .
2) The confidence and affection the clerical attire appeared to inspire in the boy left a deep impression on the actor.
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deep affection1) It is every deep , serious affection .
2) She's always had a deep affection for him .
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develop affection1) Several studies have shown that cats develop affection towards their owners.
2) And I developed a special affection for him.
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display affection1) Finally, unwed couples can display affection in public anyway.
2) She befriends Kimberly, and displays an intense affection for Tommy.
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displays of affection1) The rule against public displays of affection ?
2) Public displays of affection are completely off limits.
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express affection1) Words of love and affection were expressed .
2) Instead, they are much less comfortable expressing affection .
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father affection1) Sara casts her eyes downward- a teenager embarrassed by her father's affection .
2) Cal and Lovey constantly butt heads, both vying for their father's affections .
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feel affection1) His subordinate generals often felt little affection .
2) For her younger sister I felt a similar affection and admiration.
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feeling of affection1) An overwhelming feeling of affection for that ship flooded me.
2) Express their feelings of affection in both word and action.
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filial affection1) Saddam does not feel the same filial affection for Nasser as, for example, Gadaffi.
2) From that moment, by taking Mary into his own home, he showed her his filial affection .
2) The Catholic Church, taught by the Holy Spirit, honors her with filial affection and piety as a most beloved mother.
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friendship affection1) That is a good time for horizontal friendship and affection .
2) Much of their relationship is based on pragmatism rather than real friendship or personal affection .
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gain affection1) Seth came to her rescue, unwittingly gaining Taylor's affection in the process.
2) For these wars, we not only congratulate ourselves but also gain the affection of others.
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genuine affection1) There was genuine affection in his voice.
2) All of these individuals have difficulty showing genuine affection .
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give affection1) However cats have been known to give a more complete affection .
2) Do not give affection all the time.
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gratitude affection1) The paper closed with some strange and incomprehensible passages, expressive of gratitude and affection for the murdered man.
2) He had a quiet way of showing his understanding, gratitude , and affection that cannot be matched.
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great affection1) So I greet you with great affection !
2) They are remembered with great affection to this day.
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grow affection1) All this was accompanied by a growing affection for children.
2) Familiarity never breeds contempt here, only a growing affection .
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have affection1) I had an affection for that child myself.
2) Do I have a natural affection for chocolate?
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held in great affection1) Of course, apocryphal stories only proliferate about someone widely held in great affection ; and in Runcorn's case the reason for the affection is not hard to find.
2) Known throughout the Army world for his outstanding service as a chaplain in the First World War he was held in great affection and esteem.
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hold affection1) The place always held affection for him.
1) Despite their many disagreements Brooke and Churchill held an affection for each other.
2) Robert is said to have held great affection for his trusted companion a snow-white greyhound.
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inspire affection1) Corrie was a loving child who inspired affection .
2) Throughout his life he inspired affection by his gentleness, courtesy, and kindness.
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interest affection1) Intellectual life requires for its expansion and manifestation the influences and assimilation of the interests and affections of others.
2) The way you look at someone can communicate many things, including interest , affection , hostility, or attraction.
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love affection1) Happiness is found through love , affection , closeness and compassion.
2) Kids need love , affection , and consistent rules above all else.
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loyalty affection1) Irish Wolfhounds are often favored for their loyalty , affection , patience and devotion.
2) However, although Wei may disagree with his friends' beliefs, he displays genuine loyalty and affection for them.
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mark of affection1) Following Mr Mandela's liberation, the Student Union voted to continue the tradition as a mark of affection .
2) A sheaf, containing 40 betel leaves is offered to elders and relatives as a mark of affection and respect.
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maternal affection1) In her stony heart maternal affection had no sway.
2) maternal affection made her forgo her own happiness.
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mutual affection1) Any other circumstances causing alienation of mutual affection .
2) They parted with expressions of mutual affection .
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natural affection1) Her natural affection for him seemed suddenly aroused.
2) natural affection seemed to have been destroyed.
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obvious affection1) People stop to greet each other with obvious affection .
2) When Flavia speaks about Vincent she does so with obvious affection .
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physical affection1) Yet research shows that physical affection has measurable health benefits.
2) An aversion to touch and physical affection .
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real affection1) And real affection may negate such stances.
2) By winter, a real affection had developed between Lovat and Topaz.
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receive affection1) So make someone happy; give and receive affection !
2) Giving and receiving affection (that is, relating to others) is emphasized.
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respect affection1) Friendship requires things in common and respect and affection .
2) She also won the respect and affections of the locals.
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retain affection1) We shall always retain a fond affection for those fellows.
2) Rákóczi retained strong affection for this place throughout his life.
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return affection1) Robin seemed to return Bat-Girl's affection , while Batman remained aloof.
2) Florence was deeply in love with the boarder but her affections were not returned .
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show affection1) The boys seem very reluctant to show public affection however.
2) All of these individuals have difficulty showing genuine affection .
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sincere affection1) This sincere affection might lead to love.
2) But this is not sincere affection or love.
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support affection1) This was the support and affection given to Margaret by her family.
2) I saw myself as 'strong', not needing support and affection .
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tender affection1) He united a quick understanding with tender affections .
1) The living God abounds in every tender affection .
2) At night, they stroke your brow with tender affection , as you are serenely cherished.
2) If you care for your wife with tender affection , you're sending a message about Christ's love.
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thought affection1) By this time Lehzen 'occupied the first place in her pupil's thoughts and affections ' (Esher).
2) No, let us devote our life to worthwhile actions and feelings, to great thoughts , real affections and enduring undertakings.
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warm affection1) Madeleine Sophie was a vivacious child and drew the warm affection and protective love of her parents.
2) Although as Diana presents Charles with a trophy, their kiss is still full of warm affection .
2) The term expresses the warm , brotherly affection between those who are spiritual relatives in the family of God.
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warmth affection1) Never once uttered with warmth or affection .
2) I was always greeted with warmth and affection .
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win affection1) Heather fakes a suicide attempt hoping to win Jeff's affections .
2) But it's cookies that win the affection of the people.
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win his affection1) To impress Trofimov and win his affection , Anya vows to leave the past behind her and start a new life.
2) She eventually wins his affection , despite competition from physiotherapist Lady Emily Emmy Lewis Westbrook and liaison officer Sue White.
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with affection1) Richard felt overwhelmed with affection for her.
2) One young lady looked back upon the practice with affection .
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