affected Collocations
affected area1) Particularly affected areas include rural areas lacking medical facilities.
2) The affected area should be left alone.
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affected house1) These social realities of course affected houses .
2) Of the affected houses , 12 were destroyed and 802 were severely damaged.
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affected individual1) The parents of the affected individual are typically genetically normal.
2) Severe cholera kills about half of affected individuals .
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affected laugh1) I could hope that they'll leave before dessert, she thought bitterly, as Melissa's affected laugh rang in her ear for the fourth time.
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affected part1) Wash the affected part with tar soap.
2) The affected part might swell depending on the circumstances.
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affected smile1) Ninth, consider that a good disposition is invincible, if it be genuine, and not an affected smile and acting a part.
2) The affected smiles have been reinforced with soft deceitful wiles .
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affected voice1) In her two westerns, Brooks is just a moody journeyman player with a soured face and an affected voice .
2) Without a word or a glance she ran off, shouting, 'Oliver, Oliver,' in a high, affected voice .
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immediately affected1) Around a million depositors were immediately affected by this action.
2) Around 75 retailers are immediately affected .
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sound affected1) For some speakers of Latin American Spanish, the compound tense can sound affected , bookish, or foreign.
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