affect Collocations
action affect1) All our actions affect our root soul.
2) How does the proposed action affect the distribution of power?
more action affect sentences
adversely affect1) The dispute has adversely affected statistical education.
2) Fight controversy may adversely affect his pro wrestling career.
more adversely affect sentences
adversely affected1) The dispute has adversely affected statistical education.
2) Our tourism industry has been adversely affected by recent events.
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affect1) The increased food costs are affecting everybody.
2) A possible fourth factor affecting recurrence rate is viral type.
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affect ability1) This may affect ability to understand speech.
2) These affect cognitive abilities such as attention span and memory.
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affect area1) Particularly affected areas include rural areas lacking medical facilities.
2) The preserved counties and principal areas affected are given below.
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affect behavior1) These costs affect individual women's behavior .
2) Saving faith results in regeneration which affects behavior .
more affect behavior sentences
affect behaviour1) They recognise that personal beliefs vitally affect behaviour .
2) Secondly, how do institutions affect behaviour ?
more affect behaviour sentences
affect business1) The bridge closure is affecting many businesses .
2) How does the stock market affect businesses ?
more affect business sentences
affect child1) It initially affected children under five years.
2) How many children are affected by shaken baby syndrome?
more affect child sentences
affect climate1) Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate .
2) The large forest reserves favourably affect the climate and induce rains.
more affect climate sentences
affect commerce1) This enterprise is engaged in and affects interstate commerce .
2) Congress has plenary power to regulate anything that affects interstate commerce .
more affect commerce sentences

affect community1) But not every community is affected by high unemployment equally.
2) How does that e affect the community ?
more affect community sentences
affect coordination1) Fine motor planning, control and coordination are often affected .
2) As in the infantile form, mental abilities and coordination are affected .
more affect coordination sentences
affect course1) This belief may have affected the course of his subsequent career.
2) Coincidences can often affect the course of history, too.
more affect course sentences
affect development1) How does sociology affect human resource development ?
2) Lead may affect child development and nitrates increase cancer risk.
more affect development sentences
affect differently1) Were creatures in polar oceans affected differently than in the tropics?
2) Each family member will be affected differently by financial downsizing.
more affect differently sentences
affect directly1) Regional brewers are not affected directly by them.
2) External micro-environment comprises the external factors that affect directly the company and exert mutual influence.
more affect directly sentences
affect disaster1) Clients often discovered disasters affecting share prices of stocks too late.
2) Individuals with disabilities are greatly affected by disasters .
more affect disaster sentences

affect due1) Employee's attitude is not affected due to overtime duty.
2) Our land also affected due to this pipeline project .
more affect due sentences
affect effectiveness1) We study how this affects the effectiveness and acceptance of the assistant.
2) Employers see racial difference as something useful that can affect the effectiveness of their organizations.
more affect effectiveness sentences
affect equally1) Both male and female are affected equally .
1) Both sexes are affected equally in children.
2) Individuals of all races and ethnicities are affected equally .
more affect equally sentences
affect extent1) Hematocrit levels affected the extent of the fluid separation.
2) Variations in body fat levels affect the extent to which this occurs.
more affect extent sentences
affect family1) An eating disorder affects the entire family .
2) All proceeds benefit families affected by medical illness.
more affect family sentences
affect fate1) Random processes can also affect the fate of mutations, especially neutral mutations.
2) Both represent a cyclical concept of time which proceeds continuously, irreversibly affecting human fates .
more affect fate sentences
affect flood1) Each flood affected the river's lower course.
2) The floods affected 5,000 houses and caused millions in damage.
more affect flood sentences

affect flow1) Are cash flows adversely affected by the qualification?
2) We have not studied whether indomethacin affects arterial blood flow .
more affect flow sentences
affect frequency1) Why does ERGO room correction only affect frequencies below 500Hz?
2) Temperature variations do not affect stomatal frequencies ( stomatal index).
more affect frequency sentences
affect growth1) Other expenditures affect growth through further 7 channels.
2) How does CO2 affect marijuana growth ?
more affect growth sentences
affect health1) Cultural factors may affect health care utilization.
2) Both toxic and essential elements affect health .
more affect health sentences
affect hearing1) The acoustic neuroma primarily affects the hearing of more or less important.
2) Some medications may reversibly affect hearing .
more affect hearing sentences
affect individual1) Such diseases often affect several individuals in an extended family.
2) All the individuals affected have been identified.
more affect individual sentences
affect influence1) I think I'd like to join a committee that can affect and influence compliance in general.
2) These questions examine to what extent the state, politicians or others affect or influence the media content and diversity.
more affect influence sentences
affect joint1) Various types of arthritis may affect the knee joint .
2) The deterioration can be rapid, severe and affect multiple joints .
more affect joint sentences
affect life1) How does water pollution affect aquatic life ?
2) Has your life been directly affected by global warming?
more affect life sentences
affect likelihood0) The way a woman dresses affects the likelihood she will be raped.
1) Even the identity of the chairman could affect the likelihood of success.
2) Somewhat surprisingly, user talk page edits also do not affect the likelihood of administratorship.
more affect likelihood sentences
affect livelihood1) The EU has affected the livelihood of many African fisheries communities.
2) livelihoods are affected if people are unable to stand or walk.
more affect livelihood sentences
affect mainly1) Both border changes affected mainly the transport structures.
2) It's affected mainly the U K visitors.
more affect mainly sentences
affect more1) Hearing losses of significant severity affect more than 28 million individuals.
2) It affects more than 150 other animals.
more affect more sentences
affect most1) The population affected most by youth violence is young people themselves.
2) Demographic change has affected most obviously the position of elderly people.
more affect most sentences
affect nonchalance1) Hoomey was so relieved he felt like bursting into tears, but with Nails beside him he forced himself to affect nonchalance .
2) affecting nonchalance , I pluck it up, and begin nuzzling; and, yes, it is a fairly rewarding sort of thing to eat.
more affect nonchalance sentences
affect organ1) Alcohol affects every organ in the body.
2) This increased rate of tissue change will also affect metabolic organs .
more affect organ sentences
affect outcome1) The program did not substantially affect outcomes during the first semester.
2) The school work environment could affect student outcomes in several ways.
more affect outcome sentences
affect people1) This explains why cancer usually affects older people .
2) Diabetes affects almost 400 million people worldwide.
more affect people sentences
affect performance1) System activity during backup also affects performance .
2) These phenomena affect laser performance and are therefore important.
more affect performance sentences
affect population1) How does habitat loss affect animal population ?
2) The war deeply affected the local population .
more affect population sentences
affect positively1) This can affect positively other nations and the global economy.
2) Participant management approach affects positively 14.
more affect positively sentences
affect practice1) Large corporate law firms and small solo practices are equally affected .
2) Explain how organization and industry policies affect industry practices .
more affect practice sentences
affect preference1) Abstract Social familiarity affects mating preference among various vertebrates.
2) Such changes affect the customer preference and the mass market trends.
more affect preference sentences
affect probability1) Curious as to how a worst-case scenario would affect playoff probabilities ?
2) In the rationalist perspective, probability is only affected by confirmed causal connections.
more affect probability sentences
affect process1) Many documents cross multiple departments and affect multiple processes .
2) The perforated screen keeps unwanted heat from affecting the brewing process .
more affect process sentences
affect productivity1) How does corporate culture affect productivity and morale?
2) The rapid growth of land conversion has indeed affected food productivity .
more affect productivity sentences
affect quality1) Another factor that affects quality is echo.
2) As a result innovation may adversely affect quality learning and equity.
more affect quality sentences
affect recovery1) Loading conditions critically affect protein recovery .
2) These are some of the issues which can affect the long term recovery for cancer patients.
more affect recovery sentences
affect response1) Note that such cabin breaches affect aircraft response considerably.
1) Gen d er may affect response and outrage to sex abuse.
2) How changes in diet can affect individual's response ?
more affect response sentences
affect result1) Google+ directly affects search results and page rank.
2) The outstanding poll was too small to affect the final result .
more affect result sentences
affect right1) A separation under these circumstances does not affect restoration rights .
2) Does this agreement affect water rights or create ownership of water?
more affect right sentences
affect situation1) This event had affected the entire political situation in Germany.
2) Developments in China also affected the situation inside the party.
more affect situation sentences
affect storm1) The storm has already affected air traffic and may affect satellites .
2) Mobile is occasionally affected by major tropical storms and hurricanes.
more affect storm sentences
affect success1) These early reading outcomes affect later academic success .
2) Poverty often drastically affects children's success in school.
more affect success sentences
affect the ability of1) Crowding may adversely affect the abilities of the surgical team.
2) Cultural mores also affect the ability of bystanders to intervene.
more affect the ability of sentences
affect the accent1) In many cases, the accents of non-English settlers from the British Isles affected the accents of the different colonies quite differently.
2) Joan Bennett, does her level best to play cockney, and drops all her h's in just the right places but every time she speaks, you can just hear her affecting the accent .
more affect the accent sentences
affect the balance1) Of plants and animals affect the balance of climate.
2) Headphone size can affect the balance between fidelity and portability.
more affect the balance sentences
affect the brain1) the damage affects the brain and spinal cord.
2) It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.
more affect the brain sentences
affect the economy1) Poor health affects the economy and local services.
2) Changing interest rates do not always affect the economy .
more affect the economy sentences
affect the environment1) the behavioural output affects the environment strategically.
2) How then are such developments likely to affect the environment ?
more affect the environment sentences
affect the life of1) Climate change is a global phenomenon affecting the lives of mankind.
2) It has directly affected the lives of 50 million Congolese people.
more affect the life of sentences
affect the mood1) How do the settings affect the moods and actions of the characters?
2) It gives a sense of energy and affects the mood of the employees.
more affect the mood sentences
affect the morale1) But this did not affect the morale of the group.
2) Zulu fire inflicts minimal casualties but further affects the morale of the British defenders.
more affect the morale sentences
affect the most1) Identify the transaction that affects the most accounts.
2) So who is going to be affected the most ?
more affect the most sentences
affect the outcome1) Both events greatly affected the outcome of the battle.
2) the status quo substantially affects the outcome of a proposed tax.
more affect the outcome sentences
affect the perception1) How does the money affect the perception ?
2) So these affect the perceptions of global warming.
more affect the perception sentences
affect the region1) Air quality is affecting the region depending on wind direction.
2) Tropical cyclones sometimes affect the region during this period.
more affect the region sentences
affect the way1) Weather often affects the way artists work.
2) Many factors affect the way vegetation changes in arid places.
more affect the way sentences
affect woman1) The hormone changes that happen around menopause affect every woman differently.
2) women are more often affected than men.
more affect woman sentences
affected1) It was neither novelty nor affected formality.
2) The dispute has adversely affected statistical education.
more affected sentences
affected by1) How many children are affected by shaken baby syndrome?
2) How many children are affected by divorce?
more affected by sentences
affecting1) The increased food costs are affecting everybody.
2) A possible fourth factor affecting recurrence rate is viral type.
more affecting sentences
affecting the life1) Climate change is a global phenomenon affecting the lives of mankind.
2) Its devastating scars affecting the lives of children for years to come.
more affecting the life sentences
affects1) Any bad eggs negatively affects anyone.
2) The cold sore virus affects each person differently.
2) I agree porn affects married couple sex lives badly.
more affects sentences
badly affect1) Some dogs are much more badly affected than others.
2) The local economy was also badly affected .
more badly affect sentences
barely affect1) Thermal power will be barely affected .
2) Activision made it clear though that the cuts will barely affect Treyarch .
more barely affect sentences
change affect1) How is climate change affecting our forests?
2) Bond prices are affected by interest rate changes .
more change affect sentences
clearly affect1) Violet enters the scene clearly affected by her drugs.
2) All of these persons can clearly affect bus safety.
more clearly affect sentences
condition affect1) Many chronic pain conditions affect older adults.
2) The condition usually affects middle aged and elderly men.
more condition affect sentences
crisis affect1) The current economic crisis seriously affects the poor.
2) The municipal bond market was affected by the subprime mortgage crisis .
more crisis affect sentences
decision affect1) The decision affects 355 residents of 116 households.
2) I found politicians fascinating because their decisions affect everyone else.
more decision affect sentences
deeply affect1) The stock market collapse has deeply affected investment income earned abroad.
2) The war deeply affected the local population.
more deeply affect sentences
directly affect1) Machine control instructions directly affect the entire processor.
2) Google+ directly affects search results and page rank.
more directly affect sentences
disease affect1) This disease affects children and young adults.
2) The disease disproportionately affects women and children.
more disease affect sentences
disorder affect1) An eating disorder affects the entire family.
2) These disorders affect women more often than men.
more disorder affect sentences
disproportionately affect1) The disease disproportionately affects women and children.
2) Among age groups, poverty disproportionately affects children.
more disproportionately affect sentences
dramatically affect1) This will dramatically affect your note reading ability.
2) The volatility of the market can dramatically affect profitability.
more dramatically affect sentences
factor affect1) A possible fourth factor affecting recurrence rate is viral type.
2) Both are considered significant factors affecting water quality.
more factor affect sentences
greatly affect1) These factors greatly affect overall system efficiencies.
2) Trade liberalization has greatly affected world food trade.
more greatly affect sentences
hardly affect1) Losing the 3 D hardly affects gameplay.
2) Torque on the other hand was hardly affected .
2) Even then, the new style hardly affected the structure of churches.
more hardly affect sentences
indirectly affect1) Food purchases do indirectly affect your carbon footprint.
2) Related hardware manufacturing industries have also indirectly affected video gaming.
more indirectly affect sentences
issue affect1) They receive training concerning specific issues affecting the upcoming election.
2) Various health issues affect this particular breed.
more issue affect sentences
likely to affect1) The current financial crisis is likely to affect women particularly severely.
2) Such liquidity constraints are more likely to affect small firms.
more likely to affect sentences
materially affect1) These do not materially affect play.
2) He accepted that the glass balustrade materially affected the dwelling's external appearance.
more materially affect sentences
matter affect1) He is particularly knowledgeable about matters affecting the mining industry.
2) We favor publicity in all matters affecting campaign contributions and expenditures.
more matter affect sentences
negatively affect1) Any bad eggs negatively affects anyone.
2) Stress from high workload negatively affects prospective memory.
more negatively affect sentences
not unduly affect1) Evidence is that weather does not unduly affect the accuracy of the units.
2) One motivation is to produce statistical methods that are not unduly affected by outliers.
more not unduly affect sentences
policy affect1) These policies are definitely affecting renewable energy expansion plans .
2) The policies directly affecting religion were numerous and sweeping.
more policy affect sentences
positively affect1) This training type positively affects general health and well being.
2) And positively affects all aspects of the economy.
more positively affect sentences
potentially affect1) This investigation identified approximately 89 runs as potentially affected .
2) This could potentially affect patients who revoke the hospice benefit.
more potentially affect sentences
problem affect1) Texas had very few problems affecting the roster.
2) The canal was increasingly affected by water supply problems .
more problem affect sentences
profoundly affect1) Memory and recall are often times profoundly affected .
2) Each period profoundly affected plant and animal life.
more profoundly affect sentences
radically affect1) But it radically affected PLO relations with other Arab states.
2) Such defeats radically affected the future of Europe and the world.
more radically affect sentences
seriously affect1) School closures have seriously affected educational provision.
2) The current economic crisis seriously affects the poor.
more seriously affect sentences
severely affect1) The health sector is also severely affected .
2) Local and minor roads were severely affected .
more severely affect sentences
significantly affect1) Film thickness significantly affects coating quality and costs.
2) Its progress significantly affected the nursing occupation.
more significantly affect sentences
slightly affect1) The roast chamber temperature can be slightly affected by outside temperature.
2) In particular, reaction rates are very slightly affected by atomic mass.
more slightly affect sentences
strongly affect1) Solar radiation pressure strongly affects comet tails.
2) Plastic products are often strongly affected by temperature.
more strongly affect sentences

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