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Japanese aesthetics1) These diaries are important documents for our understanding of Japanese aesthetics and connoisseurship.
2) Indigenous tribal art and Japanese design aesthetics are also commonly found in Northwestern designs.
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aesthetics1) Different historic instruments reflect various sound aesthetics .
2) Where are aesthetics within social foundations of education today?
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design aesthetics1) Asian-inspired home interiors primarily reference Japanese and Chinese design aesthetics .
2) Learning basic design aesthetics is both harder and carries over better to new platforms.
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improve aesthetics1) improving aesthetics can certainly be an optional component.
2) The fence will improve aesthetics , sound and safety.
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modern aesthetics1) Well, 90% of the customers wanted to have modern aesthetics .
2) During this period Stieglitz became increasingly intrigued with a more modern visual aesthetics for photography.
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traditional aesthetics1) Where art was concerned with traditional aesthetics , Dada ignored aesthetics.
2) The other was In Praise Of Shadows , an essay celebrating traditional Japanese aesthetics .
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visual aesthetics1) visual aesthetics can be copied and dispersed in an instant.
2) I much prefer the visual aesthetics of IV , V, VI.
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