aesthetic Collocations
aesthetic1) The problem has aesthetic value .
2) An aesthetic stroke or heart attack results.
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aesthetic achievement1) This material became Olympia , a successful film which has since been widely noted for its technical and aesthetic achievements .
2) Are vast fortunes in public monies - TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND MILLIONS IN CONTINUING MAINTENANCE COSTS! - justly spent on aesthetic achievements ?
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aesthetic appeal1) These highly versatile finishing touches have many uses besides aesthetic appeal .
2) The aesthetic appeal of symmetry is easily understandable.
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aesthetic appreciation1) Sometimes it is difficult to penetrate beyond aesthetic appreciation .
2) aesthetic appreciation is thrown on the scrap heap.
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aesthetic beauty1) Their flamboyant wings and aesthetic beauty enchant people.
2) You can share in their aesthetic beauty by framing and displaying vintage ads!
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aesthetic consideration1) There are aesthetic considerations that trump technology.
2) The original roadway layout also reflected aesthetic considerations .
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aesthetic dimension1) The third aspect of the performative consists of an aesthetic dimension .
2) With Aristotle, magnificence also acquires an aesthetic dimension .
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aesthetic distance1) Art supposedly gives us aesthetic distance .
2) He also employs an extended conceptions of the alienation effect as a kind of aesthetic distance .
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aesthetic economic1) Other motivations for vegetarianism are health-related, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic or economic .
2) Because, despite being smaller insects, Butterflies and Moths are vital in context of aesthetic and economic value.
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aesthetic emotion1) The objects that provoke aesthetic emotion vary with each individual.
2) This passion in developing a new form is the aesthetic emotion .
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aesthetic enjoyment0) aesthetic enjoyment of natural beauty including aesthetic enjoyment of the sexual.
0) aesthetic enjoyment of natural beauty including aesthetic enjoyment of the sexual.
1) The aesthetic enjoyment of individuals can be investigated using brain imaging experiments.
2) aesthetic enjoyment of human beings involves a measure of dehumanisation.
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aesthetic experience1) A mutual fondness for aesthetic experiences is probable.
2) Camp is the consistently aesthetic experience of the world.
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aesthetic ground1) Formal thinking is justifiable on practical as well as aesthetic grounds .
2) A second criticism was put forward most forcefully by Camillo Sitte on aesthetic grounds .
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aesthetic ideal1) Light skin became an aesthetic ideal because it symbolized wealth.
2) These are traditional commoners' aesthetic ideals that developed in Edo.
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aesthetic judgment1) aesthetic judgments usually go beyond sensory discrimination.
2) Likewise, aesthetic judgments may be culturally conditioned to some extent.
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aesthetic merit1) On the other hand this proof seems to have little aesthetic merit .
2) aesthetic merits : i.e. the appearance of a buildings.
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aesthetic movement1) By this time a new aesthetic movement was evolving.
2) He became an admirer of Walter Pater and the aesthetic movement .
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aesthetic pleasure1) The tragic myth's ugly content stimulates a higher, aesthetic pleasure .
2) These devas enjoy aesthetic pleasures , long life, beauty, and certain powers.
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aesthetic preference1) Perceptual sets are also the result of cultural aesthetic preferences .
2) It's an aesthetic preference , I think.
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aesthetic principle1) The Japanese aesthetic principle of Ma refers to empty or open space.
2) Established art forms that share some aesthetic principles with bonsai include penjing and saikei.
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aesthetic quality1) Judging beauty and other aesthetic qualities is a highly subjective task.
2) First, and foremost, aesthetic quality is predominantly subjective.
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aesthetic realism1) And it was developed through aesthetic realism .
2) This is where aesthetic realism disagrees steeply and heartily with psychoanalysis.
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aesthetic sensibility1) Doesn't TV vulgarize our artistic and aesthetic sensibilities ?
2) He and I are very sympathetic to one another's aesthetic sensibilities .
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aesthetic sensitivity1) This requires imagination, inventiveness and aesthetic sensitivity informed by historical precedent.
2) It develops a range of multidisciplinary skills which combines academic knowledge with cultural awareness, aesthetic sensitivity and technical skill.
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aesthetic taste1) He was almost entirely without aesthetic taste , I believe.
2) His aesthetic tastes were primarily musical, mainly for nineteenth-century German composers.
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aesthetic value1) The problem has aesthetic value .
2) This will enhance the areas aesthetic values .
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aesthetics1) Different historic instruments reflect various sound aesthetics .
2) Where are aesthetics within social foundations of education today?
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esthetic point of view1) From the esthetic point of view these boots are great.
2) I like the esthetic point of view : the smallest size hints at mammary functionality, the largest size still does not need a bra.
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functional aesthetic1) Thus, the carved components performed in both functional and aesthetic purposes.
2) The change in the body style from the Mark B was both functional and aesthetic .
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own aesthetic1) That really is mostly my own aesthetic choice.
2) These maps are of considerable historical note, and they have their own aesthetic interest.
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personal aesthetic1) Some women undergo vaginoplasty or labiaplasty procedures to alter the shape of their vulvas to meet personal aesthetic standards.
2) He wanted to infuse in them a kind of life, while fitting them to a very personal aesthetic taste.
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purely aesthetic1) Such purely aesthetic motives provide no inspiration for action.
2) Many ancient civilizations alloyed metals for purely aesthetic purposes.
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unique aesthetic1) The designs carry unique aesthetic legacy of the American 1930's style.
2) Apart from stimulating the development of urban areas, temples and religious buildings featured a number of unique aesthetic and structural features.
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