aerosol Collocations
aerosol1) An aerosol foam shampoo is useful for cleaning small areas.
2) The previous discussion focussed on single aerosol particles.
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aerosol can1) And the manufacture of aerosol cans takes considerable resources and energy.
2) There are three reagents, conveniently supplied in aerosol cans .
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aerosol concentration1) There are several measures of aerosol concentration .
2) Others include changes in atmospheric aerosol concentrations and solar activity .
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aerosol droplet1) Ash particles may absorb these aerosol droplets onto their surfaces.
2) Other routes of infectivity include contact with contaminated water or mud and aerosol droplets .
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aerosol effect1) This is known as the aerosol indirect effect on climate.
2) Each variation would be in essence playing with hypothetical aerosol effects .
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aerosol particle1) The previous discussion focussed on single aerosol particles .
2) These aerosol particles are very mobile and can clearly be inhaled.
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aerosol product1) Limit use of aerosol products where possible.
2) And because of this drawback, aerosol products became popular through the 1980's.
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aerosol spray1) Question: Must aerosol oil sprays have nutrition labeling?
2) Homogenized milk and aerosol sprays are colloidal suspensions.
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aerosols1) Such aerosols include the highly reflective titanium dioxide.
2) Indeed record aerosols blocking during the period occurred .
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atmospheric aerosol1) The integrating nephelometer directly measures the scattering coefficient of atmospheric aerosols .
2) Other chemical reactions include solution and solid phase chemistry occurring in atmospheric aerosols .
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cloud aerosol1) Backscatter from the atmosphere directly gives a measure of clouds and aerosols .
2) It will collect global observations of clouds , aerosols and radiation with comparable instrumental capabilities.
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dust aerosol1) One of the worst was the failure to include dust and other aerosols .
2) There are two types of products commonly used for this purpose: dust and aerosol .
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gas aerosol1) These included radioactive gases , condensed aerosols and a large amount of fuel particles.
2) Wet removal of both gases and aerosols are both of importance for wet deposition.
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ozone friendly aerosol1) A puff of powder, a dab of lipstick and a squirt of ozone-friendly aerosol to keep my hair subdued.
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produce aerosol1) aerosols produced are primarily black carbon.
2) The same is true of whirlpool spas where aerosols are directly produced by splashing water.
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stratospheric aerosol1) Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols .
2) stratospheric aerosols cut back on incoming solar radiation.
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sulfate aerosol1) sulfate aerosol has two main effects, direct and indirect.
2) sulfate aerosols have been shown to enhance ozone depletion.
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sulphate aerosol1) However getting stratospheric sulphate aerosols into the atmosphere may be problematic.
2) Other human effects are relevant-for example, sulphate aerosols are believed to have a cooling effect.
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volcanic aerosol1) Why would there be a long term impact from volcanic aerosols ?
2) I used the results from ENSO and volcanic aerosols to make comparisons.
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