soccer player in a sentence

He is a soccer player.

We are soccer players.

He is noted as a soccer player.

His brother is a famous soccer player.

They became professional soccer players.

My favorite soccer player is Shinji Ono.

Pelé is perhaps the most famous soccer player in the history of the sport.

John is a terrible soccer player.

Compared to him, I look like Pelé.

He is an excellent soccer player but is injury-prone and often has to miss games.

Pelé was a spectacular soccer player, one of the best in the history of the game.

Geoffrey is not a very good soccer player, but he brings a lot of spirit to the game.

Péle was the leading goal scorer of his generation, and is probably the best soccer player ever to have lived.

The greatest number of documented goals scored by a professional soccer player is 1,281 by Brazilian star Pelé.

The people of Argentina have a passion for soccer, and professional soccer players often become national heroes.

As of the Games in 2000, Brazil had never won a gold Olympic medal in soccer, despite being home to the world’s most famous soccer player, Pelé.

Venzke: soccer players and American football players are very different.

Pele is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

As a soccer player and fan, he’s heard many rumours about corruption at FIFA.

Wambach has a giant fan-base of little girls aspiring to be professional soccer players.

A former truck driver and soccer player, Connery gives Bond’s sophistication a rugged edge.

“Now these girls are badass, and that’s cool,” Gudgell said of the U.S. Women’s soccer players.

” The new Mr. Saldana, a soccer player turned artist, and his wife welcomed twin boys this year.

Nicholas Layman, 20, was hearing voices that told him to harm a young soccer player, court was told.

He is an ex- soccer player and current trainer.

Hans Backe (born 14 February 1952) is a Swedish former soccer player.

1991: soccer player Michelle Akers receives a Travel and Training Grant.

Torin William Didenko ( Chinese : 迪丹高 ) is a Russian / Australian soccer player.

Anselmo “Jair” Ribeiro (born December 17, 1974 ) is a retired Cape Verdean soccer player.

Though her older siblings are soccer players, her parents wanted some variety in their sports, so they enrolled her in gymnastics.

Dov Markus (born in the USSR ) was the first recipient of the Hermann Trophy as the outstanding collegiate soccer player of the year.

” * David Reed (born 1988), professional soccer player.

JF has produced very successful college soccer players each and every year.

Cianciarulo attended Deland High School where he was an All State soccer player.

Chris Klein (born January 4, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri ) is a former American soccer player.

Andre Schmid (born April 5, 1983 in Sacramento, California ) is a former American soccer player.

Aldo “Buff” Teo Donelli (July 22, 1907 August 9, 1994) was an American football and soccer player.

Dominic Kinnear (born July 26, 1967 in Glasgow ) is a Scottish -born American former soccer player.

Carmen Capurro is a former U.S. soccer player who earned two caps with the U.S. national team in 1973.

Bill Cleary was an Irish soccer player who played in the League of Ireland during the 1920s and 1930s.

Mark Baena (born November 27, 1968, in Mountain View, California ) is a retired American soccer player.

Alex Sanchez Cruz, (born July 20, 1930), nicknamed El Nene (The Kid), is a former Costa Rican soccer player.

Dame “Tweety” Walters (born December 27, 1976 in Clarendon Parish ) is a Jamaican soccer player, currently without a club.

He is a former soccer player, womanizer, vain and a little bit illiterate who cannot help flirting with any attractive woman he sees in his way.

Player College Panzetta attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he was a three-time, First Team, NCAA Division III All American soccer player.

He was an accomplished soccer player in his teen years, but increased his participation in bowling when his parents took ownership of a bowling center in Venezuela.

In a bizarre publicity stunt at the premiere, both kidnapper, now a famous artist, and soccer player were reunited for the first time in 42 years since the abduction.

Eberhard Herz was a German-American soccer player who earned one cap with the U.S. national team in a 3-3 World Cup qualification tie with Mexico on November 11, 1960.

“NBA’s Kobe Bryant almost became a soccer player“.

“Four Sabah soccer players banished to remote area”.

Paul Power was an Irish soccer player during the 1980s.

David Mason was an Irish soccer player during the 1970s.

Richard Hooper was an Irish journalist and soccer player.

Kelly was a skilled soccer player and made it to an Olympic development team.

Ezio Vendrame (born 27 November 1947) is an Italian writer and former soccer player.

Sumed Ibrahim (born December 30, 1980 in Tamale, Ghana ) is a Ghanaian soccer player.

Noel Kelly (28 December 1921 – August 1991) was an Irish soccer player during the 1940s.

Chris McDonald is a retired American soccer player who spent most of his career in indoor leagues.

The is a page for Canadian soccer players who have played abroad at any time, during their career.

Shahdan Sulaiman is a professional soccer player who plays for the Young Lions He is a natural playmaker.

Dejan Stankovic better known as Stankovic (born 25 August 1985) is a Swiss beach soccer player of Serbian origin.

Oberaudorf is the birthplace of German politician Edmund Stoiber and soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger grew up there.

Claudio Reyna (born July 20, 1973) is a retired American soccer player and the current USSF US Youth Soccer Technical Director.

Allan Brown (born December 21, 1984 in Johannesburg ) is a South African -born Canadian soccer player, currently without a club.

Gabriel Enzo Ferrari (born September 1, 1988, in New York, New York ) is an American soccer player who currently is without a club.

Rene Ortiz (born April 23, 1969 in Anaheim, California ) is a retired Mexican-American soccer player who currently coaches in Mexico.

Ricci’s father Mario was a professional soccer player in Italy before emigrating to Canada.

Tony O’Connell (born in 1942 in Tralee ) was an Irish soccer player during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Wave six will cover Adventurer’s Base Camp, British InfantryMan, Polar Explorer and soccer player oufits.

Birkey directs the highly successful Concordia Soccer Camps attracting over 700 young soccer players each summer.

Danielle Ruth Garrett Fotopoulos (born March 24, 1976) is a former American college, professional and international soccer player.

Kraig Chiles (born May 14, 1984 in Torrance, California ) is an American soccer player, currently playing for the San Diego Sockers.

In 1990, she was named Soccer America ‘s Freshman soccer player of The Year, and in 1991, she led her team with 21 goals and six assists.

He was 58 years, 10 months and 19 days old on that day, making him the oldest professional soccer player ever in Russia and, possibly, Europe.

” *Chane Moline, National Football League fullback currently playing for the Oakland Raiders * Joe-Max Moore – former professional soccer player.

Pender was also told by Conan to imitate soccer player Zinedine Zidane ‘s famous World Cup headbutt due to both Pender and Zidane’s lack of hair.

In February 2007, soccer player Asmahan Mansour, part of the team Nepean U12 Hotspurs, was expelled from a Quebec tournament for wearing her headscarf.

A former truck driver and soccer player, Connery gives Bond’s sophistication a rugged edge.
According to the suit, almost 50,000 high school soccer players sustained concussions in 2010.
A native of Massapequa, N.Y., Manning was an all-American soccer player at the University of Bridgeport.
A senior soccer player at Bucknell University, Klug was named a Senior CLASS first-team All-American last week.
April 2008 – Major League Soccer releases figures stating Beckham makes 50 times more than the average soccer player.
“All of our fields here are pretty much dirt and occasionally some grass patches,” said Malorie Hanson, a soccer player.
Allegations now include a lawsuit filed on June 8 by a former Illinois soccer player who says her concussion was mishandled.
Another concern the current study raised is why girl soccer players had more concussions than boys, which wasn’t always the case.
Amid depictions of soccer players and flowers, one states, “nicht aufgeben,” “never give up” – a grim reminder of the obstacles the child may have faced.
Babson soccer team hosts clinics in Westwood Babson soccer players pose with Deerfield kindergartener Will McHugh, who was named a member of the team in 2014.
Although he says he has I don’t think that he has,” said Wambach, whose 184 international goals are more than any other soccer player in history, male or female.
16 photos: The enduring allure of aerial photography Athens, Greece – A couple of keen-eyed young soccer players spot the drone flying above their heads during training in Greece.
A jury convicts 22-year-old Baylor and former Boise State football player Sam Ukwuachu (No. 82) of sexually assaulting a former Baylor women’s soccer player at his Waco apartment.

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