small town in a sentence

I live in a small town.

I grew up in this small town.

He lived in a small town near by.

He is from some small town in Nagano.

He was born in a small town in Italy.

We arrived at a small town in Hokkaido.

I was born in a small town called Nara.

I come from a small town in the Midwest.

A small town lies between the big cities.

It is true that we desire to live in a small town.

The film shows slices of life in small town America.

He rose to his feet to protect the people in the small town.

Lech traced his family’s roots to a small town in Eastern Poland.

My great-grandmother lived in a tiny cottage in a small town in England.

Young men in the small towns are always attracted by the lure of the big cities.

He made a lot of money in New York and went back to the small town where he was born.

The band successfully weaves beautiful little tales of small town life into their songs.

Kids in small towns don’t have as many amusements to distract them as kids in big cities do.

The book is a humorous look at the author’s life growing up in a small town on the prairies.

There on the top of a high mountain they built a small town of their own and lived in peace.

small town soccer teams in Costa Rica often arrange matches by challenging other teams over the radio.

Some foreign students feel that there is not a lot to do for entertainment in a small town such as this.

The governor is visiting the site of the disastrous tornado which destroyed this small town in Southern Texas.

They bought a little cottage in a small town in southern France, and rented it out to travelers for a month at a time.

Testimony suggesting that priests at the church may have abused over 10 children has shocked this small town of 2,000.

When we visited a small town in Yugoslavia, the entertainment for people seemed to consist of walking up and down the main street, meeting friends, drinking and gossiping.

Soon, my family moved from Istanbul to a small town a few hours away.

In the 1980s, only 20 percent of small towns in America had a SWAT team.

Last week they captured the small town of Vuhlehirsk next to Debaltseve.

Its Main Street looks like many small town Main Streets across the South.

“It’s like these world class institutions in this amazing small town space.”

911042 Well, that little small town is falling to pieces, “” replied Barrett.”

He’s going to detour to the small town of Sunol in the East Bay, population 1,332.

733280 The inhabitants of the small town of Debaltseve are caught in the crossfire.

“There was a time when each small town would have their own sports team,” Block said.

In the past, they often landed in small towns that eventually became too small for them.

Ben Knight reports as the small town braces itself for a fourth night of far-right protests.

254643 Greeleyville is small town in rural Williamsburg County in the eastern part of the state.

12 members of two related families were killed in Hildale, a small town near the Arizona border.

We love Maricopa, the small town feel, the safety for our children and the peaceful environment.

My parents met when they were studying theater in a small town in northern Mexico called Torreon.

Even in a small town, it was social media that first signaled to Wilkins that something was amiss.

For a small town like Warburg to have two coaches coaching in the same game is super, said Leeson.

Much earlier Sunday, storms struck the small town of Delmont in South Dakota and hurt nine people.

This is a quiet epidemic and it is striking in small towns and rural areas as much as any big city.

His two competitors are the mayors of two small towns in eastern Germany, Nobitz and Deutschneudorf.

The education student always thought she’d return to her small town and become a substitute teacher.

Conewago is a small town southeast of Middletown.

SimFarm also has a small town included in its simulation.

Well-known biscuit factories (Hup Seng,Munchy and Hwa Tai) are located in this small town.

Alexandria is also known as “small town USA” and holds an annual festival to honor this heritage.

The series focuses on a group of high school teachers in a small town in Florida “who don’t care about teaching”.

The many manufacturing plants in the many small towns has given Carlton trail another nickname known as the Iron tiangle.

New York: 2010, P. 239 the small town on the summit of the Tell became the center of the Egyptian administration of the region.

Graeff’s steady hand and framing kept most of the real locations under wraps, creating a great low-budget illusion of a small town.

Biography Apart from being born in a small town called Mahuli near Satara, little is known about the childhood or early life of Ram Shastri Prabhune.

In 1995 and 1996 he started exhibiting his work in cafés, a bank and the university library in the small town of Siegen, where he was living at the time.

Such changes and abandonment were not unusual for U.S. small towns in the late 19th century, especially those bypassed by changing transportation facilities.

He had an affinity for recruiting small town high school players, and felt it was his duty to give promising young players the same chance he had been given.

Land use The Oban hills, which take their name from the small town of Oban to the south, contain the largest area of unexploited lowland rain forest in Nigeria.

Hussainabad is a well know small town in Jharkhand.

In 1867, Heald’s eponymous small town was incorporated.

small town America: the Missouri Photo Workshops, 1949-1991.

Bakersville is a small town, and is the county seat of Mitchell County.

This earned Bastrop the title of the “Most Historic small town in Texas.

Pekan Bukit Pasir is small town with 60% Chinese and 40% Malay population.

In some small towns streets used by the route are called “Old Highway 91”.

Evidence of “small town ethics” along Hwy. 53 between Burford and Cathcart.

Many also settled in the growing small towns along the expanding railway system.

They were ‘temporarily’ housed in camps, mostly in rural areas and near small towns.

This noble soul and great thinker was borned in 1962 at Sardarsahar, a small town in Rajasthan.

Reno is a bustling small town on the edge of a mountain range, with fantastic scenery all around.

The crew are shocked to discover a Rockwellian small town, eerily similar to those they left on Earth.

Prosiměřice is a small town ( městys ) in Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

İskilip today Modern İskilip is a small town providing the surrounding area with schools and other amenities.

Large bones have been found here, and around Cienega, another small town, small artifacts have also been found.

“Brian Friel’s Ballybeg – originally known in Gaelic as baile beag or “small town” – has known troubles galore.

This vision, and the realization that there is evil in the small town of Zephyr, is enough to haunt Cory’s father.

Kelly played Dr. Parris Mitchell, a young psychiatrist coping with the narrow-minded environment of his small town.

The hill ranges are accessible by foot from Muthappanpuzha, near Anakkampoyil, a small town about 50 km from Kozhikode.

Crisp, p. 430. Ornish maintains that in a small town like Steuden, the local priest may have recorded births of Jewish children.

To each city let there be 36 chosen for witnessing; to small towns and to each hundred let there be 12, unless they desire more.

The Calfpasture River flows by the small town of Little Baltimore, after which one of its main tributaries, Hamilton Branch, joins.

Early Life Chandra Bhople (Chandrashekhar Bhople) was born in Arvi in Wardha district; a small town in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

Kiraoli is a small town in between two most important historic places of mugal period, those are Agra (23 Km) and Fatehpur Sikri (13 Km).

Biography Early years Tony Joe White was born one of seven children and raised on a cotton farm near the small town of Oak Grove, Louisiana.

Johann Georg finally accepted the receipt of an income from the duchy of Saxe-Eisenach and made his residence in the small town of Marksuhl.

From Clemson, the road heads southeast toward Anderson, intersecting Interstate 85, then east toward the small towns of Belton and Honea Path.

Rock Island is a small town on the Illinois shore of the Mississippi river, and the initial rail route connected it across the state to Chicago.

Some Connecticut small towns have Resident Troopers who are regular members of the state police that are assigned specifically to that one town.

This view of Corno Piccolo is evident when viewing the mountain from Pietracamela, a small town near Prati di Tivo, on the north side of the mountain.

The original criteria for identifying “small towns” was that they should have fewer than 20,000 inhabitants, or less than 20 percent of the district’s population.

The rapid demographic change in the once small towns often initially caused severe strain on the local school systems unprepared for the rapid influx of students.

Overview Namulonge is a small town where the main employer is the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NACRRI), a public agricultural research institution.

“The Face of Life,” May 8, 1948 Fiction ABSTRACT – Mrs. Potter, a small town faculty wife, mother of three children, unexpectedly gets a check for $100 from her godmother.

Small Shots is an American reality TV program about two young filmmakers traveling across the country, going to small towns and using real people to make short movie spoofs.

Newbury – a small town Newbury was chosen as an example of a small town that could be redeveloped following this pattern, with vehicles easily integrating into the urban scenery.

Types STM STM stood for “small town Machine”.

Business DePue is a small town that has a lot of businesses.

Adeline is a very small town about six miles from German Valley.

Big Love in a small town is an auspicious debut by a young talent.

Kalyani lived in a village near Tiptur, a small town in Karnataka, India.

Nambedu is a village, close to small towns Cheththuppattu and Devikaapuram.

Elsfleth offers many recreational facilities even though it is a small town,.

Overview In 2001, the small town centre of Zwaagdijk-West had 225 inhabitants.

Pulling into a small town, he is met by a priest, who tells him he is late for the wedding.

Tilouthu and Akbarpur are small towns, while Dehri-on-sone and Sasaram are the largest towns.

Early years V.M. Primakov was born in the family of the teacher in a small town of Semenivka.

Tavas is a small town providing a bank and other essential facilities to the surrounding villages.

Jules resides in a small town in Florida and is a real estate agent who is successful in business.

The film uses no actors – the firemen portrayed are the firemen of the small town where it is set.

TRIVIA Lake Fayette used to be the site of a small town called Beagle which was famous for its pickles.

Climax Springs was a thriving small town until the mid-1980s when it started to enter a gradual decline.

Born in 1960 in the small town of Zumar, Kurdistan on the banks of the River Tigris in the southern region of Kurdistan.

The Kuninji village has a small town center with the name Chelappara, a term derived from a rock near to the town center.

Early Life Michael Grubb grew up in a small town near Cleveland, Ohio where he lived with his father, mother, and brother.

Coming from a small town with a population under 900, Henke admitted that he initially had to overcome a fear of big cities.

I grew up in Oklahoma in a small town next to Pawnee, Oklahoma the home of Pawnee Bill and the origin of the Wild West Show.

Ilves (2004-2011) After being drafted while playing for small town‘s team, Anttila soon was reckoned as a player to invest on.

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