short distance in a sentence

A charging elephant can reach a speed of 25 miles per hour for a short distance.

In the 1670s, a noble column was erected on Fish Street Hill, London as a monument to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666, which broke out a short distance from there.

Police located the resident, Jennifer Snuggerud, a short distance away.

580021 RCMP said his body was recovered a short distance from the boat.

Police say they found the truck a short distance away from the business.

The young man was apprehended by police a short distance from the vehicle.

The offender was taken into custody a short distance without further incident.

After the vigil, the crowd marched a short distance to the site of the shooting.

25552 After traveling a short distance the bridge collapsed due to the weight of the truck.

His leg was amputated six months ago and he can only move short distances with the help of his walker.

In 1896, Diller established that The Old Man could travel, by tying baling wire around the log and pulling it a short distance.

This lies alongside an easy and clear track leading directly to the summit, a short distance north of the indistinct line of the right of way.

Ravenhill Stadium the home of Ulster Rugby lies a short distance away, about halfway between the Cregagh Road and the Ravenhill Road to the east.

Upon landing, Polyakov opted not to be carried the few feet between the Soyuz capsule and a nearby lawn chair, instead walking the short distance.

In 1630, due to the short distance between La Punta and El Morro and to increase the protection of the bay, a heavy copper chain was laid between them.

A second ‘hostlers’ cab was provided at the number two end, but was only used for moving the loco around depots, or to haul empty carriages short distances.

CR 32 starts its west, named as Pratt Road at CR 4 (Indian Falls Rd.) and starts to heads east, but first turns north for a short distance and then due east.

These power included heightened senses. strength (3 tons optimally), speed (able to sprint short distances at 65 mph), agility, durability, and possibly longevity.

Farmers in ancient times believed olive trees would not grow well if planted more than a short distance from the sea; Theophrastus gives 300 stadia ( km/0 mi) as the limit.

They perch on leaves, and when disturbed they fly a short distance.

The main accommodation blocks are situated a short distance from the town.

The main highway heads to north for a short distance before turning to the south.

A crossing of Saltwater Creek a short distance east of Bundaberg station was necessary.

Amy left at about 10:10pm that night and never arrived home, only a short distance away.

In Gaba Tepe, the short distance to the eastern coast meant forces could easily reach the Narrows.

The smaller Timurid city was founded a short distance to the south and is now called Abdyllahangala.

Four juvenile females dispersed a short distance (<0.2 miles (0.3 km)) but remained on their natal area. The Falkirk Herald left its office in the High Street in 1982, moving a short distance to Newmarket Street.

These may have been used for pulling branches nearer for eating and for quadrupedal movement for short distances.

PA 125 begins to run a short distance to the east of I-81 as it crosses through a forested gap of Second Mountain.

There was no room for expansion on the site and his second works was opened in Furnival Street, a short distance away.

The railway descends to 40 m AMSL at Podgorica in a relatively short distance, thus the gradient of 25‰ on this section.

The Cirque of the Towers is particularly popular as it has numerous peaks within a relatively short distance of each other.

The balloon had a volume of approximately 23,000 m³, over 10 times that of the first flight, but it only flew a short distance.

The ground slopes slightly from the rear to the west-facing front facade (the Hudson River is a short distance in that direction).

Urara Island lies about 3 miles westward of Cape Liguan, and stands on a reef which extends a short distance only eastward of it and 1.5 miles to the westward.

More usable channels equates to more available bandwidth, which is why distance and line quality are a factor (the higher frequencies used by DSL travel only short distances).

Bridge collapse On Friday, 8 June 2007 the Central Coast was battered by strong winds and torrential rain caused by an intense low pressure system a short distance out to sea.

Osman Edwards, who visited Matsuyama in 1898, wrote “Dōgō is only a short distance from the seashore, and is reached in half-an-hour by what I can only describe as a toy train.

Te Horo is located to the east, a short distance inland.

L. cervi is a poor flier and can only fly for short distances.

Upper and Middle Hanson Lakes are a short distance uphill from Lower Hansen Lake.

Glasses or “spectacles” are worn on the face a short distance in front of the eye.

The Bahr el Ghazal flows a short distance east to join the White Nile in the Sudd wetlands.

Hamadryas baboons will also dig drinking holes only a short distance from natural waterholes.

Medical Pawling has no medical facilities, but within a short distance are four medical centers.

The Lower Mill at Burnham Overy Just a very short distance on the river reaches a second watermill.

These novel type of vehicles are only competitive in operations with short distances to the landing.

He walks a short distance until he again encounters a girl, who, upon his approach, stands up, startled.

On 2 December 1859 John Brown was taken from the Charles Town jail a short distance to an open field and hanged.

The second, The Copy Nook, is a bar and restaurant and is situated a short distance from the centre of the village.

She won gold medal in the 2000 European Orienteering Championships, short distance, and also Relay gold medal in 2004.

Beyond Khab, the road runs for a short distance through Namgial to the Shipki La pass, where it enters Chinese territory.

MD 282 was constructed to Earleville in the early 1920s and extended a short distance west of Earleville in the late 1920s.

The few places in Hong Kong where patacas are available are concentrated on Cleverly Street, a short distance from the Macau Ferry.

Pahur was no exception: a large village of the Kitkehahki, or Republican Pawnee, was situated a short distance upstream from the hill.

Merrick State Park is located a short distance up Fountain City Bay, a slough of the river.

The new Red Line and the new University of Utah Medical Center are both just a short distance away.

His car only could run a very short distance after his first pit stop and then he retired in the pits.

The vehicle is intended for short distances, and is not meant for replacing traditional cars for long trips.

A hazard to shipping is an island group known collectively as The Five Islands lying a short distance off the coast.

Triggers for this anxiety may include wide open spaces, crowds (social anxiety), or traveling (even short distances).

Also in a very short distance mykinaϊko cemetery has been found that are believed to be the graveyard of the settlement.

The Bingo operation having been transferred from “The Majestic” (former Morley Street Picture House) a short distance away.

The road, now known as Sterling Mine Road, enters Rockland briefly before turning back into Orange County for a short distance.

The fleeing man is caught a short distance from Ryan and his friends, then brutally executed at the order of a beautiful, raven-haired woman.

Rampsgill Head is only a short distance away, but eastwards the ridge continues for about a mile, dropping gently to Kidsty Howes above the lake.

Her body was found lying a short distance from the Wagaraw bridge, on the Bergen County, New Jersey side of the Passaic River between 5:30 and 6:15 am.

This occurred also along long stretches of the Spanish and Italian coasts, a relatively short distance across a calm sea from the pirates in their North African lairs.

Dense railway network in Bohemia and Moravia made ideal background for local short distance passenger train workings provided with numerous classes of tank locomotives.

A number of places will be served by the Lancaster Branch, most notably the Village of Depew’s new Amtrak station, situated a short distance east of the present station.

In a legacy of the original scheme to continue the extension to Denham, the Central Line tracks continue for a short distance beyond the station before ending at buffers.

MD 155 heads south as a two-lane street for a short distance before reaching its eastern terminus at an intersection with US 40 (Pulaski Highway) and MD 7 (Otsego Street).

A single shoe sat a short distance away in the foreground.
A short distance away, techno music blared in his team’s clubhouse.
A 15-year-old boy was found near a short distance from the home and arrested.
A short distance away, a truck and car were reported to have gone off the road.
After traveling a short distance the bridge collapsed due to the weight of the truck.
A short while later one of the suspects was arrested a short distance away by CDU officers.
A red light pen laser is powerful at short distances and can be even more so in a darken tunnel.
“Beauty and serenity, and just a short distance away, a catastrophic thing happened,” West said.
A 30-year-old man, who was a passenger, ran from the scene but was found and arrested a short distance away.
A man made his way to this Husky Station on Ellice after he was stabbed a short distance away Tuesday night.
An officer was about to test the driver for alcohol when the driver fled and rolled his car a short distance later, OPP said.
After Brown speaks for the first time as governor, legislative leaders will escort her a short distance to the governor’s office.
And so when a bison becomes agitated, it doesn’t take him long to cover that short distance,” Yellowstone spokeswoman Amy Bartlett said.
Baker quickly got in his pickup truck and turned toward the Dover home, just a short distance away, then saw the flames from the burning structure.
A few minutes later, Prince William carried the baby in a car seat to a waiting vehicle, and then drove his wife and new daughter the short distance to Kensington Palace.
Another hospital run by Afghanistan’s health ministry, a short distance away, had been overrun by the Taliban when insurgents seized the city, a senior U.S. defense official said.
A guiding telescope will direct the rocket while a scienc … The basic concept of the tests involves a small telescope on the ground, with a starshade suspended a short distance away.

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