replaced with in a sentence

The arms of this toy robot can be detached, and replaced with wings or various tools.

It was proposed that the term blind person be replaced with the term visually impaired person.

Gone was U2, replaced with Pharrell Williams and a younger, hipper look.

The broken pole had to be replaced with a new one, and wires reattached.

Furthermore, the “hamburger” menu has apparently been replaced with ellipses.

Facebook Credits were discontinued in 2013 and replaced with Facebook Payments.

Windows 8’s unhelpful charms bar has been replaced with the Windows 10 action center.

The images have been replaced with a blank background with a very slight hint of blue.

The lunch truck was replaced with a used pickup truck for $4,500, according to Edwards.

Earlier sporadic gunfire paused, to be temporarily replaced with an eerie, tense silence.

Lauren will be replaced with Stefan Larsson, the global president of Old Navy, in November.

It was replaced with “Recent legislation has passed that requires all high school students..

The word “TRUMP,” which was once emblazoned on both sides of the bus, has been replaced with “t.

It was replaced with a new base and all-weather running surface.

In 1993, 603 was replaced with another Pierce pumper.

The weapon has fixed sights that can be replaced with night sights if desired.

The quad head lamps were replaced with single lights integrated into the grille.

The former Service Merchandise was soon replaced with the Dutchess Flea Market.

;1997-1998 Sacchi was replaced with the returning Capello in the following season.

On December 5, 2011, WGTB-LP was replaced with SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN).

Truck 3 was replaced with Medic 3 for 1 year until it also was removed from service.

On DAB, Galaxy Digital was replaced with The Arrow on DAB in London in November 2010.

The 105TC 3-door model was replaced with the 5-door 100S (also a 1585 cc DOHC engine).

The original roof had cedar shingles, but these were replaced with grey asphalt shingles.

The planes never saw action in the role, and were replaced with He 100s and then exported.

These windows were later replaced with smaller, round porthole windows in late 2007 – early 2008.

Sungai Bakap is part of a vast sugar plantation that has now been largely replaced with palm oil.

Shaw was digitally replaced with footage of Christensen for Return of the Jedi s 2004 DVD release.

Pro-Axis governments in both Iraq and Iran were removed and replaced with Allied-dominated governments.

Any row or column size may be replaced with an asterisk to indicate the remainder of the remaining screen space.

Her original deck markings were obliterated and replaced with new ones at an angle to the long axis of the ship.

In 1769, Spain gained control over the Louisiana territory, and the Superior Council was replaced with the Cabildo.

Changing rooms and a wooden diving board were added, the board since replaced with today’s ft (0 m) concrete one in 1935.

To include a comment from anyone else, the “Ed” can be replaced with the name of that person; however, this was rarely done.

400i & 400i GT Ferrari 400i in London The carburetors on the 400 were replaced with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection for 1979.

However, many older DC motors have now been replaced with induction motors and accompanying inverters in industrial applications.

The main undercarriage was strengthened and the main wheels fitted with brakes, while the tailskid was replaced with a tailwheel.

By 2000 all but one have since been demolished and replaced with two larger concrete grain terminals on the southeast side of town.

The original wooden building was replaced with the present masonry structure and several additions have been added since that time.

The bullock teams were replaced with mule teams in the 1850s and up to a hundred mule teams were seen to pass though the town each day.

The large double-track cars were replaced with small single-track cars with from 100 to 200 percent greater seating space in each car.

The I iwi were also removed when the islands forests were cut down and were replaced with farms, plantations, towns, and alien forests.

The rank was also a commissioned officer rank from 1837 until it was replaced with the current rank of lieutenant, junior grade in 1883.

Beginning in 1982, ΕΛΛΑΣ was replaced with ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ (Hellenic Republic); this inscription is still being used on Greek stamps.

The McLaren engined TRs were re-powered from 1975 with Gardner 6LX engines and the gearbox was replaced with a Twin Disc torque converter.

Member changes Lead guitarist Michael Lamb, one of the group’s original members, left in the mid 1990s and was replaced with Jimmy Dormire.

During 1956, the entire fleet had their original Dick Kerr motors replaced with English Electric motors originally intended for the H1 fleet.

The game’s cut-scenes have been replaced with scrollable, static art of the protagonist, however, due to the removal of all Mitchell branding.

In January 2007 founding member Simon left the band and was replaced with guitarist Tom Kuzmic (formerly of Swiss death metal band Disparaged).

Episodes 26-43 Beginning with the twenty-sixth episode, the race mission, Bells Hide and Seek, has been replaced with a Find the Guests mission.

Discovery Kids was replaced with an online broadband video service called Discovery Kids On Demand, but it hasn’t been updated since the closure of the TV channel.

A running gag is every time she is in a risque scene, she is replaced with a claymation version for the TV version, while in the DVD version they are fully animated.

The Façade and Bell Tower The original Romanesque front of Saint Mary’s nave was destroyed in the 15th century, and replaced with a new Gothic front and a bell tower.

These Prеduzeće 44 rifles are readily identifiable as the German factory code markings have been scrubbed from the receiver and replaced with the Yugoslav communist crest.

The handle-operated valves of a manual system can be replaced with a suitably designed self-contained electronic valve, often battery-powered to avoid the need to add cables.

This mobile incinerator was later replaced with a permanent construction, which was both larger, and more efficient; being able to handle twice the previous incinerator’s load.

Elvays was replaced with “the Hand in the Toilet”.

The missing ones were replaced with local residents.

Tram service was replaced with rapid transit in 1972.

Nave floor replaced with stone and underfloor heating.

During Ne’ila, this is replaced with Chotmeinu (“Seal us”).

The AN/FPS-24 was replaced with an AN/FPS-93A model c. 1976.

The Japanese score was completely replaced with original music.

In 2009 Bryan Dondero left the band and was replaced with John Rogone.

The PS/2 peripherals were themselves replaced with USB -connected models.

Manager Colin Calderwood was sacked and replaced with Pat Fenlon in November.

The ending was replaced with the song “Watch the Moon Rise” performed by MFE.

The 1.9 diesel will be replaced with new 1.6 JTD starting in the end of 2008.

From 1961 onwards, these railcars were replaced with the 2000 class railmotors.

The imidazole -ring of cimetidine was replaced with a 2-guanidinothiazole ring.

The album version of “Loving You” was also replaced with its Radio Edit version.

Musical Numbers † replaced with “Love, Dad” in the 2004 Off-Broadway production.

Old identity documents were replaced with new documents of Latvian Legion troops.

Cardiff Demons were replaced with Telford Raiders in an otherwise unchanged division.

Her hair has been replaced with tentacles which are slicked back and her teeth are sharp.

The overall roof had corroded badly and was replaced with standard GWR platform canopies.

The school will be replaced with Obama Academy which was spawned from Frick middle School.

The LEM G3 was replaced with the G4 Storm and the LinkPlus was replaced with the G4 Xtreme.

The balance and scales were removed in 1833 and replaced with a large bell hung in their place.

The glazing was completely replaced with panes and stops that meet current wind load requirements.

In Region B these are replaced with conical red marks to starboard and cylindrical green ones to port.

The log shanties with thatched roofs were replaced with frame and stone houses, many which stand today.

The case was shaped to resemble an arcade game and the joystick was replaced with left and right buttons.

Eminem liked the song and its concept and wanted the sung verses removed and replaced with his own lyrics.

This specific meet was ended in 2006 and was replaced with a reformulated Spring/Winter National Championship.

In his previous life, James is actually the brother of the real prince, who died and was replaced with his twin.

The Midland line continues, with the platform buildings and canopies replaced with modern designs in the sixties.

The old label is then removed from the header and replaced with the new label before the packet is routed forward.

The X1 and associated X2 were replaced with the X40/X41 service running between Blackburn, Accrington & Manchester.

Tile in poor condition, and the orange tile of the Mouton stations, has been replaced with fresh beveled white tile.

In 2000-01, the old fonts were replaced with traditional block letters and numbers, which have been used ever since.

The pump handle was originally manufactured with a cast metal, but was later replaced with a fiber-reinforced plastic.

The bikes have knobby tires, and the Super Cub’s large front fender was replaced with a smaller unit to better clear mud.

The FLC was replaced with the JATCO / Mazda -designed, computer-controlled F-4EAT transmission for the 1991 Escort and Tracer.

The office of Postmaster General was abolished and replaced with the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive in the new company.

Several media trailers and buildings on the mound were also damaged, and were either removed or replaced with prefabricated structures.

In 1959 questions on data sufficiency were introduced to the mathematics section, and then replaced with quantitative comparisons in 1974.

Some European species were replaced with their close relatives, such as there are American bisons exhibited instead of those found in Europe.

The driver’s cabs are more ergonomic than in the T1000, and the mirrors to monitor the platforms have been replaced with cameras and screens.

Rule (A) is replaced with: This time the proof proceeds: The last line matches line 6 in the previous proof, and the remainder goes as before.

The words “foreplay”, “torture”, and “seduction” were deemed offensive and were replaced with “fortune”, “torment” and “eruption” respectively.

Hydraulic snubbers (shocks) were used on diagonally opposite (front right and rear left) journals, and the leaf spring suspension was replaced with rubber pads.

Therefore, in 2003, trains with the luggage racks had them removed, and replaced with an empty standing area, with a dual purpose of serving as a wheelchair area.

” Vaughn said that Hit-Girl is a part of “the ultimate father-daughter relationship, where Barbie dolls are replaced with knives, and unicorns become hand grenades.

The vehicles are exported from Turkey, arrive in Baltimore, and are converted into “light trucks”: rear windows are replaced with metal panels and rear seats removed.

13. Lie-based pain can only be removed as the lies causing the pain are replaced with truth, whereas, sin-based pain can only be dealt with through the cross of Jesus.

General history and local government A Local Government Commission was wound up in 1966, and replaced with a Royal Commission (known as the Redcliffe-Maud commission ).

The rough guitar walls of original line-up were replaced with Paulina Ahokas’ more violin-based sound, and eventually the band played very atmospheric and emotional music.

Skinny rubbish bins were replaced with short fat square bins with red lids, and the octagon recycling bins were replaced with square bins of the same size with a yellow lid.

The away uniform is largely the same as the home with the only difference being that the burgundy jersey is replaced with a white jersey with burgundy numbering outlined by gold.

The building was demolished and replaced with townhouses in 2007.

The pressed-metal ceiling was also replaced with a plaster-moulded copy.

“Ruby” is frequently replaced with “Rui” (United defender Rui Marques ).

McCracken and Garrett were replaced with athletes from Hungary and Greece.

Seal of 1868 The design was replaced with a new seal on December 29, 1868.

The old woollen blazer was later replaced with a more modern cotton jacket.

Holeček was quickly pulled and replaced with Dzurilla, who completed the game.

Any gore was scrapped from the event and blood was replaced with green “goop”.

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