nearly any in a sentence

In short, connecting and charging nearly any gadget is about to get real simple.

A gecko can cling to nearly any type of surface, whether it is hard, soft, smooth or rough.

Under nearly any condition, engaging an assailant with the Mozambique Drill should offer a high probability that one’s assailant will be stopped and likely killed.

Coni-Snap capsules can also be made in nearly any size and colour combination.

The Mark Nemo is also armed with a katana capable of cutting through nearly any obstacle.

nearly any representation showing a downturned mouth or cleft head was described as a “were-jaguar”.

Pick up nearly any chord book, and you will find a series of chord diagrams, organized either by chord name (A13, Gm7b5) or by type (thirteenth, minor seven-flat-five).

Additionally, Eden can support nearly any custom label requirement, from the design stage through final delivery of the product.
Aid agencies and residents say the Houthis are preventing nearly any commercial goods or humanitarian aid from entering the city.
According to the newly established Steam Refunds page, “You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Steam – for any reason.”
After all, he’s the (expected) candidate who supports Common Core and has taken a softer stance on immigration than nearly any other Republican running in 2016.
As the Muckers have witnessed both last season and this one, the Wells Leopards play with more heart and determination than nearly any other team in the league.

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