national team in a sentence

The whole country was excited when the national team won the World Cup of soccer.

Thousands of cheering fans crowded into the stadium to watch their national team win the cup.

The coach of the national team apologized to his country for their poor performance in the World Cup.

Alice performed very competently in the tournament, and has been selected for the national team as a result.

In Brazil in 1962 after the national team won the World Cup in Chile, everything stopped for a couple of days while Rio celebrated a premature carnival.

“The basic concept is to build on the strength of the national team.

The International team hasn’t defeated the United States since 1998.

Brian Gant was actually on the national team for about a dozen games.

The research by an international team is published in Nature journal.

Capello leaves after three years in charge of Russia’s national team.

Sobers said his unwavering commitment was always to the national team.

409285 It’s difficult to combine handling a club and the national team.”

All I want to do is make sure that I get a point for the International team.”

She was telling me her dream is to play defense for the women’s national team.”

Kusch, meanwhile, is a practising chiropractic who works with the national team.

Spoiler alert: A doodled Angela Merkel orders the national team to victory up top.

“It is a big change for us for the people love our national team,” Henriques said.

Solo, who holds the national team record for most shutouts, didn’t appear in court.

She also played for Canada’s national team and had a brief stint playing in Europe.

The 33-year-old has won two Olympic gold medals with the U.S. women’s national team.

I think (the French) will cheer more for me than they will the French national team.

Several media outlets have declared the results of her international team a failure.

And after the match ended in a 0-0 draw, Turkey’s national team manager was furious.

“My goalkeeping coach from the national team and my head coach, were both like: ‘Wow!

Moncada “was discharged because he was of no interest to the national team,” he said.

A year later he was thrust into the spotlight as the manager of the Dutch national team.

International teams of firefighters are coming into the country to help battle the blaze.

Tuesday’s football match between the national team and Spain has been cancelled as a result.

The Dutchman’s second spell as manager of the Dutch national team had not even lasted one year.

What’s the point if the 1% includes the head coach, captain or goalkeeper of the national team?

Peralta had been scheduled to play in the national team‘s friendly match against Cuba next week.

He is captain of both English Premier League club Manchester City and the Belgian national team.

Solo, in training camp with the national team at the time, was with Stevens when he was pulled over.

There is virtually no bobsleigh infrastructure in China at present, nor does it have a national team.

He was capped 1 time for the Japanese national team.

The game ended in a defeat for the national team, 3-1.

The former Rapid player featured twice in a national team.

As a professional, he was banned from the amateur-only national team.

Year 2006 Esko played with national team his first World league season.

She played 97 national games and scored 205 with the Danish national team.

In 2007 World Championship in Moscow he won bronze with Russian national team.

Magnus Ingesson are Head coach for the Swedish cross-country skiing national team.

To qualify for a national team under IIHF rules, a player must follow several criteria.

Johnny Finstad started the club and has spawned 33 national team players over the years.

Pizarro is also used recurrently by Marcelo Bielsa as “sparring” for the senior national team.

He has supposedly made 104 appearances for the Kenyan national team, Okinyo, Collins (2011-08-22).

Personal Agorsor is eligible to play for the US national team as well as the national team of Ghana.

For 30 years he was the coach of the CCA Steaua Club and for over 15 years the national team‘s coach.

In 1998 he was coach of Armenian Men’s national team and in 2000 became coach of Armenian Women’s Team.

Dahlin only played 11 games with the Swedish national team, and never played with them in any big tournament.

Men’s U-15 national team Finland has been an eager participant in international tournaments in youth flag football.

Clarke joined the national team set up just as possibly the Greatest Northern Ireland team of all time was breaking up.

In 2006, Croteau was promoted to become the manager of the Women’s national team which won the Women’s World Cup in Taiwan.

Dupree was named as one of the national team members to represent the USA Basketball team in the WNBA versus USA Basketball.

Škripari support the Croatian national football team primarily, as well as other Croatian national teams and Croatian players.

He briefly managed the French national team in 1967, but was replaced after only two games, both friendlies that ended in defeats.

The Togolese national team returned to call Hamílton for the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification against Cameroon on October 10, 2009.

While he was in Scotland, Jensen was unable to play for Norway, as the national team did not allow professional players at that time.

1999 He played with the national team at the Pan American Games AVP Beach Volleyball Tour 2006 Finished ninth three times in 3 AVP tournaments.

Professor Grasso served on a World Bank-funded international team of scholars that established the first environmental engineering program in Argentina.

She was a key part of the United States national team that won the gold medal during the sport’s Olympic debut in 1996 hitting the home run that won the game.

NHL 10 did not feature the Olympic rosters of the teams playing in the 2010 Winter Olympics upon release; a later roster update corrected many national teams.

Individuals The winners of gold, silver and bronze medals in each apparatus will qualify for the Olympics, either as individuals or as members of their national team.

The 1980s The national team came to further prominence during the 1980s, and from the start of the decade, were playing a notably larger number of games every season.

Then, on July 10 at Warsaw, the white-reds beat 2-0 Sweden and fans realized that under Kałuża, the national team can finally be put together and achieve some successes.

On January 28, 2011 Toronto FC of Major League Soccer verified that Sidra was one of three Canadian national team trialists that were traveling to Turkey for preseason camp.

In is his only cap with the senior national team.

In Japan Genzo Wakabayashi joins the national team.

Singapore is unlikely to have been the national team.

From 1964, he was also coach of the full national team.

Fagan was capped twice by the Irish national team while at City.

” making just one appearance for the national team in March 1922.

Thus far he has earned 24 caps scoring 3 times for the national team.

Looby earned eight caps with the senior national team, scoring six goals.

May, on the other hand, was permanently banned from the GDR national team.

Djourou has won 30 caps for the Swiss national team since his debut in 2006.

Labruna played 37 matches for the Argentina national team (scoring 17 goals).

Hoyos is considered an Argentine per FIFA rules for national team eligibility.

U.S. senior Wood would then earn four caps with the U.S. national team in 1930.

In 1985, Tomkins first made the Australian national team in eight man boat (8+).

Sešlar was capped 19 times for the Slovenian national team between 1997 and 2005.

Coach He has been, since then, a football manager and the female national team coach.

Club career São Paulo Breno was a member of the Brazilian Olympic U-23 national team.

Once he gained his U.S. citizenship, he was called into the senior U.S. national team.

During his career he played 101 match for the USSR national team and scored 177 goals.

She has been a coach of the Canadian national team in synchronized swimming since 1988.

Players in bold are the ones that have at least one cap for their senior national team.

”’International Harry have played for the U-17, U-21 and U-23 Liberian national teams.

Handball is also a main sport for the club contributing many players to the national team.

In 2006, Erat played for the bronze medal winning Czech national team at the Turin Olympics.

He was a member of several Swedish national teams, including the 2006 Olympic championship team.

Cong enrolled in Shanghai Youth Team in 1981, and was admitted into Chinese national team in 1983.

Carmen Capurro is a former U.S. soccer player who earned two caps with the U.S. national team in 1973.

Valladares is the first-choice goalkeeper for the Honduran national team and has earned more than 70 caps.

Islam Matsiev included in the national team to participate in the team competition of European Championship.

In 1901 he was selected for the Scottish national team The story of Scottish Rugby as a wing three-quarters.

On December 15, 1989, he announced that he was leaving U.Va. to pursue a career with the U.S. national team.

Hibić had been a prolific part of the Bosnian national team since its inception, having been capped 36 times.

O’Donnell joined Conference national team York City on loan on 2 March 2007 on a work experience arrangement.

He received a Canadian ‘A’ License and a UEFA ‘A’ License, and began working with Canada’s youth national teams.

Balić was a member of the Croatian national team that won the 2003 World Men’s Handball Championship in Portugal.

Aaron’s form had not gone unnoticed, as he received his first cap for the Maltese national team during the season.

In 2010 he played for Kapiti-Horowhenua in the New Zealand Touch nationals, making the over-45 mens national team.

He played for Dina Moscow for 10 years, during which time he also became the top scorer for the Russian national team.

Professional career Chicago Cubs In 2003, Valdés defected from Cuba, where he was a member of the Cuban national team.

In March 2008, Olsen stated that he would like to see Michael Laudrup succeed him as coach of the Danish national team.

He was a phenomenal free kick specialist and also took all penalties for the national team of Greece and his club sides.

While Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng and defender Cai Xi were called for China U23 national team for Toulon tournament in France.

The Iranian team does not take part in the Gulf Cup of Nations for national teams surrounding the waters due to its name.

By 1976 she was invited to train with the USSR’s youth swimming team and, within a year promoted to the USSR national team.

And Sandoval is the only trainer that until now formed and trained in youth the three national team goalkeepers of Paraguay.

UCI has won 26 national team championships in nine different sports since 1969 and has had 63 individual national champions.

Rugby career Gwynn made his first club appearance for Swansea in 1878 and in 1882 he was part of the third Welsh national team.

In 2004, she made the Finnish national team. 2005 saw Mäkäräinen compete at the Biathlon World Championships for the first time.

The win snapped a five-game losing streak for the national team, and provided their first win over Switzerland in seven matches.

Thijs de Greeff (born February 28, 1982) is a Dutch field hockey player, who made his debut for the Men’s national team in 2005.

Samoa has a men’s national team that has competed in the 2009 and 2011 International Challenge Men’s and Mixed Netball Tournament.

Ironically, Tobin was Shea’s successor at the Joint District Council as he was Shea’s successor at the international teamsters union.

Unaggressive and emotional, a billboard image that helped to start an apparently unstoppable surge in popularity for the national team.

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