more productive in a sentence

But other types of moths are more productive.

It’s certainly as fun-and more productive-than watching boiling water freeze in this weather.

More interested in reducing Ottawa’s ability to help Canadian companies become more productive.

Now, it’s easier and more productive to meet in facilities available at the airport.

We can pick out three that are more productive than the others,”” he said.”

A deep clean can make you happier and more productive, so start your spring cleaning early.

A happier workforce is a more productive workforce.

Add to that, higher reliability and you create an environment where employees can be far more productive.

Additionally, as an employer, I’ve found workers are more productive and better prepared when they return to work.

And contrary to conventional wisdom, small farms are often more productive than large farms.

And that, Gore insisted, is “more productive.”

And they’re not only more productive on average, they export more and are therefore have the capacity to grow faster.

Executives take every opportunity to repeat the mantra that the company helps make people more productive.

He said: “This is a change of direction which is judged to be more productive as there is no opt out.”

Here are even more suggestions to help you make your day more productive without putting in extra hours.

Hopefully that one will be much more productive.

I felt more productive as governor than any time in my life in anything I’ve ever done.

It’s no surprise that he’s more productive when he’s on the court and not on the bench saddled with fouls.

It’s hardly a surprise that employees are happier and more productive when they are feeling their best.

Only Golden Tate (64 catches, 898 yards, five touchdowns) was more productive.

People are happier, more productive, and make more money for their company when they can be themselves.

Since then, their running game has been much more productive.

Some developers, however, are intent on putting virtual reality headsets to more productive uses than gaming.

The 13.5 inch 3000×2000 pixels resolution display of the Surface Book should help me be more productive.

They make our nation’s workforce more productive, our companies more profitable and our economy more competitive.

They’re looking for smart questions for our guests about how to make cities more productive, prosperous and safe.

This will help expand the Hotfrog platform and make it more productive for both the businesses and the consumers.”

Workers don’t get paid, instead they learn responsibility and how to be more productive in society.

Carcetti is elected Mayor and then begins trying to make the department more productive.

Central aspects of his theories Employee centered supervision is more productive than job centered supervision.

Clearly, for the Wild to have a crack at a comeback, they need a more productive first period.

Here one can open or close down new factories and showrooms or upgrade the level of factories to make them more productive.

I’m a firm believer that time away from the office creates a fresher, more productive person.

Johnston refuses to release the money to Jake until Jake leads what Johnston calls “a more productive life”.

Overall, the economy gains because the extracted cash is invested in more productive activities.”

Rich countries get richer over the long term by becoming more productive.

Skilled labour costs more to produce than unskilled labour, and can be more productive.

So are those in Euro countries more productive than those in other nations?

So, if they were to migrate, from say, Guatemala to the US, they would become much more productive.

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