mentioned above in a sentence

As we mentioned above, taking a break is good for your brain.
At least not based on the two money-sucking examples mentioned above.
As I mentioned above in the Tweaks tool, the default Alt-Tab display is pretty lame.
As mentioned above, Daniels’ versatility would seem to have him in good shape to get a spot, as well.
As I mentioned above, enforcement has been variable, and improvements have also varied from city to city.
As mentioned above, talking to a veterinarian about medication or behavior modification may eventually be necessary.
And unlike the politicos mentioned above, the most notorious liars in journalism are best known for the their career-ruining fabrications.
2. Tell companies you use to buzz off As I mentioned above, it’s not illegal for a business to make marketing calls if you have a relationship with them.
ability to read the mind of such an illustrious diplomat and scholar, I suspect the position mentioned above never affixed itself to your future aspirations with much zeal.

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