humanitarian aid in a sentence

We have supplied humanitarian aid to refugees.

“There is no either/or here between military action and humanitarian aid.

The GCC urged the international community to rush in more humanitarian aid.

The humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders is trying to help.

Russia insists the trucks are filled with humanitarian aid, but Kiev is skeptical.

Around the world, humanitarian aid workers have been bombed, kidnapped and killed.

In Selydove, humanitarian aid will be distributed among internally displaced persons only.

UNRWA’s priority remains the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians within Yarmuk itself.

Having left everything behind, they depend on humanitarian aid to feed themselves and pay the rent.

If the negotiations fail, much more than just humanitarian aid will be needed, says one EU diplomat.

For me, the most important idea is to link humanitarian aid and cooperation in economic development.

The U.N. estimates that 212,000 Syrians live in besieged areas beyond the reach of humanitarian aid.

Children unload packages of humanitarian aid from a French army helicopter in the badly-hit island o …

No justification exists for millions of dollars in humanitarian aid going to those who can afford to pay for UNRWA services.

They assure humanitarian aid is not being distributed as claimed by the government.

During World War II she organized the Danish humanitarian aid to Norway (in Norwegian : Danskehjelpen and in Danish : Norgeshjelpen ).

The MEU furthered its mission by providing humanitarian aid to the Somalis by transporting much needed food and aid to many remote areas of the country.

The presence of UNPROFOR and humanitarian aid in Maglaj has welcomed in promoting the well-being of its citizens while concern was expressed at the situation there.

For 17 years, Denmark assisted Somalia with 532 million DKK, which was donated to development aid and humanitarian aid.

He and his co-defendants contend that the Holy Land Foundation funded legitimate humanitarian aid in Palestine rather than Hamas.

Around 700 people turned up in the center of town on Sunday to line up for humanitarian aid.
An additional humanitarian aid effort worth billions would be required, as would debt relief.
A UN convoy carrying humanitarian aid arrived in the town Thursday, the first to arrive in the rebel stronghold.
At the time of her 2013 appearance in Prescott, Mueller was working with the humanitarian aid agency Support to Life in Turkey.
Abe has vowed to step up humanitarian aid to the militant group’s opponents in the Middle East and bring the killers to justice.
Aid agencies and residents say the Houthis are preventing nearly any commercial goods or humanitarian aid from entering the city.
Abe vowed that Japan will not give in to terrorism and will continue to provide humanitarian aid to countries fighting the Islamic State extremists.
Although humanitarian aid has been seen as a side-line to the ultimate goal of international development, increasingly, crisis is taking centre stage.
“Any neutral institution’s inspection is highly welcome, since it will prove the Iranian Red Crescent is abiding with regulations to humanitarian aid.
A lull in fighting is sorely needed in the Arabian Peninsula’s poorest nation, where an estimated 80 percent of the population requires immediate humanitarian aid.
Abe and other officials have said Japan will press ahead with plans to offer over $200 million in humanitarian aid to help deal with refugees displaced by Islamic State.
“All this incertitude will destabilise the country even more, worsening access problems for humanitarian aid and increasing the risks for humanitarian workers,” Abos said.
According to the local paper, Mueller had been working with the humanitarian aid agency Support to Life, as well as a local NGO that helped female Syrian refugees develop skills.

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