hip-hop in a sentence

Some people suggest that hip-hop music glamorizes gun culture.

hip-hop music is sometimes criticized for its robust depiction of violence.

Discussion question: Do you share the view that hip-hop music glamorizes gun culture, and if so, what do you think should be done about it?
She had street-cred and was the understood princess of hip-hop and R&B.

On top of all that, its classic hip-hop soundtrack is entertaining as hell.

I’ll critique it with an old school hip-hop phrase: perpetuating the fraud.

Toussaint’s influence is woven through popular music and hip-hop, he wrote.

GALLOWAY: Have you thought about having a more active role in hip-hop music?

Crystle Lightning and MC Red Cloud are a hip-hop duo based out of Los Angeles.

As for hip-hop’s race to a billion, it’s still a bit early to call the winner.

Simmons also accused Rivera of fundamentally misunderstanding hip-hop culture.

She didn’t have BET to learn about the latest hip-hop artists and Black movies.

“How can you tell the story of hip-hop without the verbiage, without the cursing?

He grew up on the southern edge of Harlem with a lifelong obsession with hip-hop.

Aaliyah was one of the first females to sing smooth R&B vocals over hip-hop beats.

‘Shark Tank’ star talks fashion’s influence on hip-hop Who’s that with a lightsaber?

It’s not a documentary about hip-hop, he said Saturday, addressing Howard’s comments.

There are also algorithms that can write hip-hop lyrics, optimized for rhyme density.

For instance, Nicki Minaj beat both Drake and J. Cole for favorite album – rap/hip-hop.

This is why I can no longer act as though my taste for hip-hop is still alive and well.

“And I think hip-hop music is that brash, that avant-garde aspect that we just go hard.

The hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar and the actor Alan Cumming both earned plenty of screaMs.
PSY’s new album includes songs of various genres, including dance music, hip-hop and punk.

The Obamas hit Broadway Saturday afternoon for a performance of hip-hop musical “Hamilton.”

At the time of the attack, Barnes was a host on “Pump It Up!”, a hip-hop music show on Fox.

On this EP he uses trippy hip-hop samples and downtempo beats in an alternative rock context.

It’s an outdoor afternoon of Top 40, hip-hop, and EDM on one of the city’s most beloved patios.

She previously was a hip-hop reporter for the Philadelphia City Paper and a White House intern.

Most Read Stories Over the two decades covered here, the nature of the hip-hop T-shirt evolves.

Taste of ’90s hip-hop, R&B coming to State Fair Great news for fans of ’90s rap, hip-hop and R&B!

hip-hop legend Nas discussed the 20th anniversary of his debut album “Illmatic” on April 15, 2014.

412946 It’s low-frequency sounds — like the thump-thump bass in hip-hop that works,”” Tran said.”

Minaj is nominated for three awards, including best female video and hip-hop video for “Anaconda.”

Sanaa Lathan is singing on this track, but any song with Dej Loaf as the feature is a hip-hop song.

The hip-hop drama Empire won breakout TV show and provided one of the show’s most memorable moments.

When it came out in 1994, I was a teenager who listened to underground hip-hop and riot grrrl music.

On the streets and in hip-hop culture, “the Block” is celebrated and used to describe a neighborhood.

Scroll down below to find out what happened when the titles of throwback cartoons got a hip-hop twist.

Open Road is unveiling “Dope,” a story of geeky inner-city high schoolers, bit coin, and ’90s hip-hop.

The hip-hop drama “Empire” won breakout TV show and provided one of the show’s most memorable moments.

” In Global Noise: Rap and hip-hop Outside the USA, 57-85.

hip-hop is of great interest to many people in our audience.

The albums fourth single Trading Places ” peaked at No.4 on the Hot R&B/hip-hop Songs chart.

“Boyfriend/Girlfriend” is the second single from hip-hop group C-Side from their EP Class in Session.

Influence hip-hop music Doggystyle is seen by many hip hop pundits as a “classic” and an “essential” album.

The hip-hop kings, collectively known as The Throne, opened the most anticipated hip-hop tour of the year with a bang.

Spyder also worked in the studio with Malcolm McClaren on writing lyrics for Sparky D for McClaren’s hip-hop/Opera fusion.

Three hip hop music videos were also aired on Cartoon Network beginning in fall 2002 as a promotion for the music CD Dexter’s Laboratory: The hip-hop Experiment.

The band fuses the elements of hip-hop, rock, pop, country and urban sounds and is influenced by artists such as Destiny’s Child, Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.

He won awards for both of his nominations in 2006, for “Choice Summer Track” and “Choice R&B/hip-hop Track” for the song ” Promiscuous “, a collaboration with Furtado.

Originally a hip-hop group called Hit Squad Manchester, the band shifted to an acid house sound, recording their debut album, Newbuild in 1988 under the new name 808 State.

Nesian Mystik was a New Zealand hip-hop / R&B group which formed in 1999.

hip-hop song supporting Pluto’s status as the 9th planet in the Solar System.

Queens is also an important incubator of rap and hip-hop for artists including Run-D.

The song has also peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot R&B/hip-hop Songs chart thus far.

The song “Simon Says” by Pharoahe Monch is a hip-hop remix of the Godzilla March theme song.

She is a big fan of and has appeared live in cameo with the Brazilian rap/hip-hop group O Rappa.

The single’s b-side “愛唄” (Ai Uta) is a cover of Japanese hip-hop group, GReeeN ‘s song of the same name.

He fused hip-hop with salsa, among other music genres, in order to create a sound that was uniquely his.

Raul Paz reinterpreted Cuban music, weaving in hip-hop beats, dub, rock riffs and a groove all of his own.

Jones’ “With U” was nominated for the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for Rap/hip-hop Song of the year.

Groovaloo is a hip-hop theater company based out of Los Angeles that was founded by Bradley “Shooz” Rapier.

“‘Como hacer el amor con ropa’ (How to make love with your clothes on): Dancing regeton and hip-hop in Cuba.

KBBT was launched as “The Beat”, a new hip-hop heavy Rhythmic format which quickly climbed up in the ratings.

The music has an understated hip-hop thing going on; the groove just chugs along, with simple instrumentation.

Louis Gibzen (born Louis Gibson Hurndall), is a British Gold selling hip-hop/electro producer of Barbadian descent.

He became recognized as an individual rapper for the first time, making hip-hop more familiar to Japanese listeners.

“187 He Wrote” peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Top R&B/hip-hop Albums and at number 10 on the Billboard 200 in 1993.

A work of non-fiction, it shows the author crossing the planet to uncover the meanings hip-hop has accrued in different cultures.

He made some guest appearances for Opgewzwolle before winning the biggest hip-hop price in Holland -known simply the Grote Prijs.

Early career (1996-2000) Before working with Dynamite Deluxe he was a member of German hip-hop group “Wir Haben Es Nicht Gewusst”.

The school pioneered the concept of connecting with at-risk students through a hip-hop music program, hence the nickname “hip-hop High.

MTV describes Kool G Rap as a “hip-hop godfather”, adding that he paved the way for a lot of MCs who we would not have heard of otherwise.

“Roger That” debuted and peaked at fifty-six on Billboard Hot 100, fifteen on the Hot R&B/hip-hop Songs and six on the Billboard Rap Songs.

12″ Street Rap is an EP by New Zealand / hip-hop artist, Mareko which features Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck and was released in 2003.

Vanessa Struhler became the protégé of hip-hop producer DJ Tomekk and saw solid commercial success with her first album, Ride with Me (2003).

Jacob E. Osterhout, “Crown Heights rapper DeScribe utilizes Hasidic faith to produce beats, rhymes with hip-hop flair,” New York Daily News, April 12, 2011.

hip-hop historian Jorge “Popmaster Fabel” Pabon states “Unlike the popularity of the martial arts films, capoeira was not seen in the Bronx jams until the 1990s.

While he was influenced by literature and hip-hop, Al found a great deal of inspiration in watching the PBS documentary on poetry by Bill Moyers called The Language of Life.

Hurley was a devote fan of jazz music but also a fan of the hip-hop music of A Tribe Called Quest and the music of Nina Simone who he often referred to as his “musical muse”.

Their original music on WKTU included Freestyle classics like 1984’s “Arabian Nights”, and later more hip-hop oriented projects, such as the Cover Girls ‘ ” Show Me ” (1986).

“MTV News: The Greatest hip-hop Groups Of All Time”.

The album is a mix of dance, electro pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

Since 2006, he has a contract at Dutch hip-hop label TopNotch.

He discovered drugs and hip-hop, and the latter changed his life.

Khalifa performed in a cypher during the 2010 BET hip-hop Awards.

His (hip-hop) debut-album, titled A.T., was released in November 2008.

In 2009, Ron and Stik Figa, won a Pitch Award for hip-hop song of the year.

In 2006, Truth Is, along with ” Free Yourself “, won an ASCAP R&B/hip-hop award.

Many dance moves seen in hip-hop videos are actually variations of dancehall dances.

The lineup was diverse, with rock, hip-hop, country, and indie rock bands performing.

The Rawganic EP is a 2007 collaboration EP by hip-hop artists Livestock and Leon Murphy.

Acid, widely considered to be the pioneers of Burmese hip-hop, Alex Elgee (26 March 2010).

Kesha’s musical influences consist of hip-hop, punk, 1980s pop and dance music and old country.

PE was a revolutionary hip-hop act, basing an entire image around a specified political stance.

“From Krauts with Attitudes to Turks with Attitudes: Some Aspects of hip-hop History in Germany.

DJ Green Lantern produced tracks exclusively for the game’s hip-hop radio station The Beat 102.7.

Slowly he morphs from a basketball playing hip-hop dancer to a pole-dancing male stripper wannabe.

Described as a mix of soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz, the album is sure to please fans of all genres.

Knowles added that with certain influences she added her character of hip-hop for a more broad sound.

The video for “Holidae In” was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best hip-hop Video in 2004.

Early life Mos Def grew up during the golden age of hip-hop and has rapped and acted since he was six.

The song is midtempo hip-hop featuring an orchestral backdrop and lyrically about an introduction to fame.

ReQuest Dance Crew (also known as ReQuest) are an all-female hip-hop dance crew from Auckland, New Zealand.

The R&B/hip-hop elements have since been removed, thus allowing Club Phusion to become completely Pure Dance.

‘” Samples and interpolations in other songs The original track has often been sampled in R&B and hip-hop songs.

Randhir Yasendra Witana is a popular Sri Lankan hip-hop/RnB musician signed to Universal Music & M Entertainment.

Unreferenced The Shamen is collaboration album by hip-hop artists Pep Love and Jay Biz, this album got released in 2003.

As Kwaito is more of a mixture of hip hop, disco, and house, the hip hop scene mirrors a more American style of hip-hop.

In 2009, he published the award-winning book, “Beats, Rhymes and Classroom Life: hip-hop Pedagogy and the Politics of Identity.

Spinoffs In 1999 Radio 538 started the hip-hop and contemporary R&B program Juize, which developed into the radio station Juize.

In December 2001, House Party was released as a follow-up single to “Dirty Girl” and became a minor hit on the hip-hop/R&B Charts.

Game Goabaone Bantsi (born 22 July 1986) but better known by his stage name Zeus, is a Motswana hip-hop artist, MC and businessman.

He joined IZB, the first association to promote the hip-hop and organize concerts, and put down scratches on Original MC’s 1991 album.

Film and Production The success of Video Music Box became just one brick in the foundation that McDaniels would lay in hip-hop culture.

The only Single from this album, ” CARTEL “, composed by Big Porno Ahmet, brought the biggest success in the history of Turkish hip-hop.

This release was followed by a North American tour with Australian hip-hop group Bliss ‘n’ Eso.

Bukkcity admitted that on moving back he felt an instant segregation in the local hip-hop scene.

“Fire is a symbol of hip-hop, if you can’t cut it you get burnt” say’s sic Damage the group’s DJ.

Perez’s album includes the track “Calm of Cast” which features young London hip-hop artist Yungun.

In 2000, Melody Maker gave the album 4½ out of 5 stars, while calling it a “landmark hip-hop album”.

Time period Allmusic writes, “hip-hop‘s golden age is bookended by the commercial breakthrough of Run-D.

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