got in touch in a sentence

I got in touch with him.

I haven’t got in touch with him for a long time.

That is, until she got in touch with a denturist in nearby Deer Lake.

It all started when Price’s father, Jerry, got in touch with the league.

Simon Hawkins got in touch via Facebook to complain about the funky smell.

He got in touch with Danish intelligence agents and told them he wanted a new career.

594638 Rothschild’s daughter Victoria realised what they were and got in touch with Jean.

The teen was caught after local police traced the calls back to B.C. and got in touch with the RCMP.

Bauer (pictured above) got in touch with another local station.
According to the fire department the owner got in touch with the town Friday night to claim the dog.
Anthony got in touch with the Kurdish group – the Lions of Rojava – and booked a plane ticket from Heathrow to Iraq via Germany.
After a few days, the Swiss Federal Railways got in touch with him to say that the hard drive had been found and would be sent to him via FedEx.
After the article was published in a book a few months ago, Jewell got in touch with Gara and dropped in on him and his 89-year-old wife, Lenna Mae.
According to the Acting U.S. Attorney’s office, Essex got in touch with an undercover agent with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force on May 14th through a social network site.

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