eyesight in a sentence

His eyesight is bad.

I have good eyesight.

I have poor eyesight.

He has good eyesight.

He has poor eyesight.

I have normal eyesight.

His eyesight is failing.

My eyesight is getting worse.

My eyesight is beginning to fail.

Carrots are good for the eyesight.

He lost his eyesight when he was still a child.

His old age is beginning to affect his eyesight.

He underwent a relatively painless procedure to improve his eyesight.

Killer whales have well-developed eyesight both below and above water.

The grizzly bear’s amazing sense of smell makes up for its poor eyesight.

The grizzly bear’s amazing sense of smell helps compensate for its poor eyesight.

The eagle’s keen eyesight allows it to spot even the smallest prey from a great height.

His eyesight is getting bad, so it is difficult for him to see the numbers on the dial of his telephone.

You can now correct your eyesight with a laser procedure which changes the pressure on the lens in your eye.

Nowadays, many people with poor eyesight can have their vision restored through corrective lens surgery using a laser beam.

Wolf spiders don’t spin webs, but are adept hunters with keen eyesight.

I could only see black and I was panicking that I had lost my eyesight..

As doctors work to save his eyesight, neighbors are working to help the family.

Lubitz was treated for a variety of complaints, including failing eyesight and depression.

Originally published on Live Science. 5 Experts Answer: What’s the Best Way to Preserve My eyesight?

It’s not visible everywhere, to be sure, but even when it’s out of eyesight, you remember it’s there.

Accelerates premature aging including wrinkles, poor eyesight, memory loss and other common signs of aging .

They are descended from a nocturnal species, and prefer to wear tinted goggles to protect their eyesight during the day.

As her eyesight deteriorated, Dr Mason found life hard to cope with and the persistent mortality rate sent her into a depression.

The shrimp excavates and maintains a burrow used by both animals while the goby, which has far superior eyesight, acts as a lookout for predators.

Originally, Engel was waiting to be drafted in the U.S. Army, but was rejected because of his poor eyesight (indicated by his glasses), and a bad shoulder.

Bea’s eyesight is much worse, and she feels somewhat useless.

Her now failing eyesight also made navigating around the set difficult.

Janaki and Sivaji fight, and in one of these fights Sivaji loses his eyesight.

Whale Research Dr. Spong started his research on Skana by testing her eyesight.

Surprisingly, in light of his batting prowess, a routine army test revealed that Bradman had poor eyesight.

Lowe’s original intention was to join the Merchant Navy but this idea was thwarted because of his poor eyesight.

In 1867 he suffered from an attack of paralysis; his eyesight failed, and he could only write with his left hand.

They have very large, hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, powerful talons, and keen eyesight.

Axis deer apparently benefit from the langurs’ good eyesight and ability to post a lookout in a treetop, helping to raise the alarm when a predator approaches.

He has heavy breathing due to asthma along with bad eyesight for which he has large glasses.

Federico had his nasal bridge removed to widen his left eyesight, after an accident to his right eye.

They have very good eyesight for reptiles, letting them see small insects from a long (5-10 m) distance.

He can also sense vibrations in the environment, thus allowing him to navigate and combat even without using his eyesight.

However, ones that will bark at strangers can make good watch dogs, owing to their great eyesight.

TRIVIA – Optimmune, discovered at The University of Georgia, saved the eyesight of “UGA”, the school’s mascot.

There were radio and telephone connections between the various emplacements, and many were also within eyesight of one another.

They also had relatively large eyes for keen eyesight, and impressions found with their fossils suggest that they had scaly skin.

The dream of Silver Ventures is that once completed, the former brewery will be a village within eyesight of downtown San Antonio.

Sri Bose lost his eyesight because of glaucoma at the age of eighty three and demised on December 12, 1978 at a nursing home at Siliguri.

As Fafnir’s black blood drains over Sigurd and hardens his flesh, the young warrior withdraws his sword and leaps into the dragon’s eyesight.

In 1903, Josephine Clay dispersed her stock due to her failing eyesight and new laws in New York and other states prohibiting betting on horses.

AMD greatly inhibits Flynn’s eyesight, limiting his view to just his peripheral vision.
Another letter ended with the thought that he was “glad to hear Dad’s eyesight is some better.”
After his eyesight failed, he invited students to his apartment and listened to them read from their work.
Because we care about your eyesight, here’s the brand new human-sized teaser trailer for Marvel’s “Ant-Man.”
A shelter and hospital was within eyesight from the scene and surrounding streets were evacuated during the incident.
Access to medical records Lubitz suffered severe depression and might have feared losing his job on account of his perceived problems with his eyesight.
A few months ago, Father Ted, with eyesight and hearing limited and energy lower, called to ask how I was doing and was there anything he could do to be helpful.
Artist Sargy Mann’s gloriously colourful paintings belied the fact that he spent the greater part of his life battling deteriorating eyesight, eventually becoming blind.
An Amnesty International report into the effects of the oil spills in Bodo, a town in the Ogoniland region, said that the spills had caused headaches and eyesight problems.

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