dance music in a sentence

She has bought a record of dance music.

Do you have a blank cassette I can use? I want to make a mix tape of dance music.

The soca music of Barbados blends soul with calypso, making a dance music with bold rhythMs.
Events like this are vital in helping to bring dance music to new audiences.

PSY’s new album includes songs of various genres, including dance music, hip-hop and punk.

THIS WOMAN was, such a short time ago , the future of dance music?

The Sydney street press became half and half dance music and rock.

DJ’s playing mostly electronic dance music performed throughout the weekend.

Folk dance music of the Slavic Nations, Associated Music Publishers, New York, 1951.

Dance dance music in Croatia was an offspring of the local pop music and more Western influences.

” Timmy T started out in the 1980s in small rap groups in Fresno, but felt that he would rather do dance music.

Schwedler was permitted to travel to neutral and occupied countries to collect jazz and dance music, which helped the band and propaganda ministry to produce more recordings.

Kiss FM and rival WBLS then each added more dance music to their playlists again.

Charles featured in the Top 5 of the US Hot dance music/Club Play chart with “Higher” in 2006.

She’s reached far beyond dance music‘s fluffy image to unite even serious rockers and rappers who usually look the other way.

They are primarily known for mixing dance music with strings and soft trance -like vocals from lead singer Becky Jean Williams.

” In Disorienting Rhythms: The Politics of the New Asian dance music, ed. Sanjay Sharma, John Hutnyk, and Ashwani Sharma, 32-57.

Boymerang Sutton led the drum and bass dance music project Boymerang from late 1994 until an unspecified date in the late 1990s.

“Show Me” is a club -inspired song, which includes strong synthpop and dance-pop genres, as it was clear Sutta really enjoys dance music.

Works Vázquez has composed song cycles and works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, electronic dance music and electro-acoustic works.

Th harp had been used in dance music for occasional flourishes before Reardon, but he is considered a first for using harp as a jazz instrument for solos and performances.

K’Pop (케이팝) is a South Korean dance music group.

The former is a pop-oriented album that emphasises disco and dance music.

XTM are a Catalan dance music act consisting of brothers Xasqui and Toni Ten.

CJ Crew are a dance music DJ duo, consisting of Chris Bucknall and John Briely.

He is well known in Latin America and Spain for his dance music and unique, intense voice.

The album produced one single, ” Ride on the Rhythm “, which topped the dance music charts.

Kesha’s musical influences consist of hip-hop, punk, 1980s pop and dance music and old country.

Unreferenced O Noapte Şi-o Zi is an album by the Romanian dance music band Andre released in 2001.

The House music style, another form of electronic dance music, emerged in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1980s.

Marc JB, Lee Dagger, and house music vocalist Katherine Ellis also form a dance music group called Bimbo Jones.

On March 25, 2010, he co-presented the International dance music Awards (IDMA) along with Roger Sanchez and DJ Rap.

The series ended in 1995 when dance music became less popular, with genres such as Brit-pop and R&B gaining more mainstream success.

The series has a dance music slant and primarily consists of remixes of other TD material.

The album has been said to lean over to a modern rock sound instead of her usual dance music.

Walsh promptly purchased a drum machine and sampler and began composing electronic dance music.

Unreferenced Rush Hour is an album of club dance music for the purpose of playing while driving.

Fordin, p. 231 A new member of the creative team was Trude Rittman, who arranged the dance music.

JDC Records was an important record distributor during the golden years of dance music (1976-1990).

Unlike salsa, which is an indigenous dance music, rap music in Cuba is culturally of foreign origin.

The DJ “Mama Doc”, who continually refers to a small, unspecified hometown, plays modern dance music.

Two major influences on Dowland’s music were the popular consort songs, and the dance music of the day.

Nowadays, electronic/dance music is so popular, that dedicated genre radio stations and TV Channels (e.

Online worldwide and on the Irish Cable system UPC/NTL channel 943. It plays a varied mix of dance music.

“Boombox” is Friday nights, playing electo pop, wonky pop, indie and dance music in memory of Alex Grivas.

In 1992, Billboard s Larry Flick commented “He’s probably the best dance music producer we have in America.

Radio FG is Turkey’s most popular dance music station and Mert Yucel’s show is on air at every Sunday 17:00 EET.

Blanco also wrote and produced an electronic dance music song titled “Control” for the album of Nancy Castiglione.

The basic duo of fiddle and piano provide a strongly-accented dance music in small-town church and community halls.

MAW has a history as remixers, having reproduced tracks for various acts both inside and outside the world of dance music.

The schedule is designed to be stranded in its approach to fulfilling its remit of representing all genres of dance music.

The American electronic dance music band Mindless Self Indulgence released a song about Cantinflas called “Whipstickagostop”.

dance music is a niche, and so-called “rhythmic pop” stations have had a fierce but not always commercially sustainable following.

In 1994, “Heaven & Hell” reached number 32 on the Hot Rap Singles chart, and number 34 on the Hot dance music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart.

“Dead Fuck” – 6:51 Style The first piece, “Arbitrary Execution”, exhibits many of the classical aspects of late eighties industrial dance music.

The album, a marriage of organic instruments and the synthetic sounds familiar to her dance music fans, is perhaps best described as Alternative/Soul.

“Love Saves the Day” became Munro’s dance music night at The Beaver, which he continued to organize even as his illness began to prevent him from leaving home.

Programming Raw FM’s programming is aimed at the 14-30 age group who have a passion for dance music and the latest trends in technology, fashion and lifestyle.

Pop Music In 90´s a popular new trend was so-called euro-dance music and this style also had Finnish followers, many of which however are today quite forgotten.

For example on the West Yorkshire frequencies in 1989 there were brass band programmes, old dance music, and ‘music from the hippy era’ presented by Nigel Schofield.

The 24-hour news station Alltid Nyheter was then introduced in 1997, followed by a radio station for teenagers, mP3, in 2000, which mostly plays dance music continually.

Added on 2044 GMT (0444 HKT) November 2, 2015 Lisa Ling discusses the culture of electronic dance music festivals.
“A performance for the ages,” Houston right fielder George Springer said as loud dance music blasted through the clubhouse.
An edited version, set to electronic dance music, has had more than one million views since it was posted to YouTube on October 19.
Along with the Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, he disproved the idea that dance music couldn’t sell albums, and helped to establish modern DJ culture.

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