color scheme in a sentence

Parrot identified three separate characters, with different color schemes: SWAT, MacLane and Blaze.

All US Open Series events now use this color scheme.

The regions each have unique music, color schemes and styles.

A Rise of Cobra figure was released as a Target exclusive with a different color scheme and lower legs.

” Considerable research was done using photographs and old uniforms to match the original color schemes.

This color scheme was added at the behest of developers and users who found the blue scheme to be too garish or unprofessional.

The NHL agreed, and Pittsburgh was allowed to use black and gold, a color scheme since adopted as well by the Anaheim Ducks when that team changed their uniforms in 2006.

The OS can be customized with different color schemes.

RF-4E Phantom II of the 348 “Eyes” squadron with special color scheme.

Common’s surroundings are constantly morphing, but maintain a brown and beige color scheme.

The Super Cruiser has had many color schemes over the years including Yellow, 2 tone blue, and the current black.

The blends, flavorings, color scheme, and overall marketing concepts closely followed the Benson and Hedges model.

Special liveries Glarner Sprinter color scheme in Zürich HB Train des Vignes at Vevey The NPZ color scheme mentioned above is generally common today.

The armor’s color scheme is gunmetal with black detailing and has two lines on the helmet’s left eye area that glows according to the repulsor reactor’s color.

The VO4 Pilot’s License can be used with the VO4 Terminal, which lets players view records, set the pilot name, swap color schemes or use another available virtuaroid.

Walls and ceilings are plaster in a two-tone color scheme.

They have now returned to the black-and-white color scheme.

Trains and color scheme Blue Fire has five trains with five cars each.

The floors are marble in an alternating color scheme of reddish-brown and gray.

This room is recognizable by the gray color scheme, and the pink tile around the fireplace.

The unusual color scheme was meant to symbolize the “black gold” that was Richfield’s business.

E412-001 was the first Italian locomotive to be built with the new unified color scheme “XMPR”.

The various Eldar Craftworlds (similar to Space Marine Chapters) each have their own color schemes.

The change marks a return to the red, white, and blue color scheme originally used from 1974 to 1995.

This new McLaren Orange color scheme would eventually become synonymous with Bruce McLaren and the team.

In January 1975, 216 071 was the first locomotive to be painted in the then new ocean blue-beige color scheme.

These candies have peanut butter inside the chocolate center and the same color scheme as the other brands.

The “Confederate Flag” has a color scheme similar to the official Battle Flag, but is rectangular, not square.

The SuperSonics nickname, logo, and color scheme will be made available to any subsequent NBA team in Seattle.

Hi-Tech is based on a shades-of-black color scheme that made the interface look like a piece of stereo equipment.

The color scheme was changed to Blue and White for a couple of years before the Super Deluxes were removed from services.

Trainers built from 1934 up to the early 1940s had the a color scheme that featured a bright blue fuselage and yellow wings and tail sections.

color scheme Batman’s cape, cowl, gloves, briefs, and boots are usually either of two colors: Black (Usually with blue highlights) or blue entirely.

A likeness of the label uses a font and color scheme similar to what the Seahawks have used.
Applications can better mimic their company’s website and branding including logos and matching color schemes.
Across a path the color scheme continues in the sleeping quarters, where the bed, a chair and a selection of books and magazines invite quiet.
21 Broad (Nantucket, Massachusets) – This restored Victorian mansion’s “cheery” color scheme and modern touches earned it a place in the Best Bargains category.

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