carbon dioxide in a sentence

carbon dioxide is heavily absorbent between 10 and 20 microns wavelength.

There are many environmental benefits from planting trees beyond absorbing carbon dioxide.

carbon dioxide sometimes harms people.

carbon dioxide is not a poison in itself.

Trees give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

The amount of carbon dioxide has increased by percent.

Massive amounts of carbon dioxide are generated every day.

It is said that global warming is directly related to carbon dioxide emissions.

Many forecasters expect the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to double by the year 2025.

Ratification of the agreement will commit this country to reducing carbon dioxide pollution.

Brazil’s forests are an important safeguard against air pollution as they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Trees are very important to our environment because, unlike humans, they take in carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen.

/ of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are from America its percapita emissions are also the greatest in the world.

Baby chicks are able to breathe inside the egg through tiny holes in the shell which allow oxygen to get in, and carbon dioxide to get out.

An eggshell may look solid, but it actually has nearly 8,000 pores that are large enough for oxygen to flow in, and for carbon dioxide to flow out.

carbon dioxide emissions are by far the main cause of climate change.

carbon dioxide and fuel consumption, meanwhile, is tied to global warming.

962600 You’re saying carbon dioxide is a pollution that everyone should pay for.

Or try the Internet: A Skype call or Google Hangout produces very little carbon dioxide.

In fact the N.W.T. is one of the highest per capita carbon dioxide emitters in the world.

There is a direct calculation that gets you from carbon dioxide emissions to fuel economy.

Scientists also could not explain the very high levels of carbon dioxide escaping from the area.

Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide, which traps the sun’s heat and warms the atmosphere.

We can explore other mitigation strategies such as forest sinks to sequester excess carbon dioxide.

carbon dioxide scrubbers are also used in controlled atmosphere (CA) storage.

carbon dioxide gas emissions are shown to be 85% lower than those from gasoline.

The carbon dioxide is released in this step again and can be fed back into the process circuit.

Formaldehyde can react again with a hydroxyl radical to form carbon dioxide and more water vapor.

Some had carbon dioxide inflation cartridges (a holdover, for surface use, of the Mae West flyer’s lifejacket).

The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report includes Biochar as a key technology for reaching low carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration targets.

Possible Causes Atmosphere Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide crashed to one of its all time global lows in the Pennsylvanian and early Permian.

Vol 320, pp 893-89 It has been suggested that accumulating reactive nitrogen in the environment may prove as serious as putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Reclaim systems allow the used gas to be returned to the surface or (more often) diving bell for re-use after removing the carbon dioxide and making up the oxygen.

The carbon dioxide is frozen out in a “snow box” by the cold produced as the liquid oxygen expands to gas as the oxygen is used and is replaced from the oxygen tank.

The Green Insurance Company offer greener car insurance with customers benefitting from low emission discounts and 100% carbon offset for their cars’ carbon dioxide emissions.

The carbon dioxide is then used on another batch of beans.

So we’re getting cooling as the result of the carbon dioxide buildup.

The spiracle valves only open to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

This carbon dioxide sensitivity is passed down from mothers to their progeny.

Carbamino carbon dioxide can bind to amino groups, creating carbamino compounds.

In 2010, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 5.14 million metric tons.

Sleipner reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by approximately one million tonnes a year.

The fabric not only allows moisture to escape, but also the carbon dioxide exhaled by the user.

Algae is a possible alternative because it absorbs carbon dioxide, and it will not affect food production.

The media best for growing this bacteria are blood-enriched media in an atmosphere containing 5% carbon dioxide.

The available NADH and ATP, as well as temperature and carbon dioxide levels determine the rate of this reaction.

Lavoisier then measured the quantity of carbon dioxide and the quantity of heat produced by confining a live guinea pig in this apparatus.

carbon dioxide also dissolves in many polymers, considerably swelling and plasticising them and further accelerating the diffusion process.

” Dr. James McBrearty’s description of many victims frothing at the mouth, suggests asphyxiation by the predominant afterdamp gas, being carbon dioxide.

Ehrlich demonstrated that yeast attacks the natural amino acids essentially by splitting off carbon dioxide and re-placing the amino group with hydroxyl.

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.

Nonflammable alcohol vapor in CO 2 (NAV-CO2) systems use carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) as a propellant to dispense a 56% isopropyl alcohol solution in a stream of CO 2 gas.

These carbonic anhydrases are a class of metalloenzymes that catalyze the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide and are differentially expressed in a number of cell types.

Hickson said that a Nazko eruption could be a tourist attraction, but warned that noxious gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide would be released during the event.

The gas dissolved in synovial fluid is primarily carbon dioxide.

carbon dioxide produced during the project would be sequestered.

The carbon dioxide slowly forms the bubbles that develop the “eyes”.

Gaseous carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are released from the hole.

They can also use carbon dioxide emission as a proxy for magma supply rate.

carbon dioxide is toxic to the heart and causes diminished contractile force.

Therefore, plants cannot gain carbon dioxide without simultaneously losing water vapour.

These cells keep the tissue alive by bringing oxygen to it and taking carbon dioxide away.

Trees also help to keep water in the soil and reduce global warming by uptake of carbon dioxide.

The name was originally conceived as an acronym for ‘Forests Absorbing carbon dioxide Emission’.

“We are certainly putting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” he told The Daily Telegraph in 2009.

As such, all plants require access to both light and carbon dioxide to produce energy, grow and reproduce.

Civilian aquanaut Berry L. Cannon died of carbon dioxide poisoning during the U.S. Navy ‘s SEALAB III project.

In 1807 Henry Thompson received the first British patent for a method of impregnating water with carbon dioxide.

The savannah was seasonally active; its biomass was cut and stored by the crew as part of their management of carbon dioxide.

This medium contains a great deal of phosphate and is formulated for use in a 5% carbon dioxide atmosphere.

Trapped in a narrow tunnel, he was eventually suffocated by carbon dioxide after prolonged efforts to free him.

This proposed project gasifys coal underground and process it to create pure streams of hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide required for reaction (I) is produced by heating (” calcination “) of the limestone at 950 – 1100 °C.

Tracheoles are about 1µm in diameter, and they convey oxygen to cells while providing a means for carbon dioxide to escape.

SCWO subjects the hydrolysate to very high temperatures and pressures, breaking them down into carbon dioxide, water and salts.

The leaf-mane serves to remove carbon dioxide and other wastes from the body and giving oxygen and certain nutrients in return.

MEM-BRAIN: carbon dioxide separation Together with its research partners, Forschungszentrum Jülich is developing ceramic membranes.

In modern beer dispensing, a metal keg is pressurised with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) gas or nitrogen (N 2 ) gas or a combination of both.

carbon dioxide has a high narcotic potential and also causes increased blood flood to the brain, increasing the effects of other gases.

Also unlike sawdust logs no trees need to be felled to produce these firelogs, meaning more oxygen and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As efficiency increases, specific carbon dioxide emissions decrease from 1100g/kWh at 30% net plant efficiency to 650g/kWh at 50% efficiency.

In one, Polyus is described as a space-borne nuclear bomber, in another it is described as a satellite interceptor, carrying a 1 MegaWatt carbon dioxide laser.

The hypoxic drive is a form of respiratory drive in which the body uses oxygen chemoreceptors instead of carbon dioxide receptors to regulate the respiratory cycle.

Therefore, by burning wood one is releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a more concentrated rate than if one was to allow the wood fuel to decompose in soil.

The magma probably contained a large mass amount of water and carbon dioxide which are two volatile species known to cause extremely high-energy and violent eruptions.

carbon dioxide scrubbing variants exist based on potassium carbonate which can be used to create liquid fuels, though this process requires a great deal of energy input.

Also around this time, atmospheric carbon dioxide dropped significantly.
As it turns out, it’s made up of water vapor, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Around a quarter of added carbon dioxide dissolves into the ocean and forms carbonic acid.
Because there is no place for the carbon dioxide to escape, the wine captures that famous fizz.
2006: China overtakes the United States to become the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2).
A little more oxygen never hurt anyone, and too much carbon dioxide hampers clear thinking and can create brain fog.
Almost as soon as the experimental landslide started, the rocks started to break down and release carbon dioxide gas.
And Congress is working on a bill that would allow states to opt out of any rules clamping down on heat-trapping carbon dioxide.
As the scientists wrote: “Only about one two-thousandth of the atmosphere and one ten-thousandth of the ocean are carbon dioxide.
A study found the Amazon is now consuming half as much carbon dioxide as it was in 1990 partially because of shorter tree life spans.
Among the factors that contribute to climate change, carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas being emitted through human activity.
And cities are responsible for 75 percent of the world’s energy consumption, as well as for 70 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions.
Alternatively, perhaps carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide beneath the surface pushed the ice around while the comet was farther from the sun.
Although just a sliver of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, methane is far more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.
A team of researchers studied tree ring data and found that drought can set back the ability of trees to absorb carbon dioxide by as much as four years.
About three-quarters of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions come from destruction in the Amazon rainforest, which acts as a giant absorber of carbon dioxide.
After carbon dioxide and methane, nitrous oxide is believed to be the largest factor in climate change, accounting for 6% of the warming from human sources.
And of course, you have carbon dioxide emissions as well from the transportation of animal products, heating and cooling of buildings, use of machinery, etcetera.”
A federal plan in the United States calls for a 32 percent reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas, by 2030 in part by diversification schemes.
An impressive 95 percent of buildings in Iceland’s capital use geothermal heating, making for a city with a renewable energy source that limits carbon dioxide emissions.
As part of a promo for Ubisoft, the inventor built a real rope launcher gauntlet that uses a carbon dioxide canister to propel the line, and a motorized winch to hoist you up.
And as plants transpire and pick up biomass through absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing water vapor, they are engaged in the water and energy cycles as well.
According to the agency, its first choices for culling infected poultry will be suffocating them with foam or in chambers filled with carbon dioxide, methods widely used last spring.

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