sage advice in a sentence

1) Then he offers some sage life advice .

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2) Zhu followed this sage advice to the letter.

3) His sage advice : "Go get an ice cream cone.

sage advice example sentences

4) Sage advice for a dive at Pet Cemetery.

5) Your sage advice was very helpful.

6) Knowing ones enemies and knowing ones self has been sage advice for centuries.

7) TPG, thank you for so much sage advice !

8) Remembering the sage advice of others, I rebooted.

9) I'll have some sage advice here when I find some.

10) It's time to get some sage advice from them.

11) How's that for sage advice .

12) This site needs your sage advice , witticisms, and erudite remarks.

13) Sage advice is dispensed, mischief is made, and relationships change and deepen.

14) Your sage advice is absolutely spot on my friend...as always of course.

15) Make it a good week and remember the sage advice of Hippocrates.

example sentences with sage advice

16) Dr. Roberts responds : Well spoken and sage advice , Dr. Otten.

17) That's another good point you make, I typically give quite sage advice .

18) Our daughter thinks she will survive quite nicely without the sage advice we proffer daily.

19) Stern offers some sage advice .

20) They also received sage advice from past team members Bao Nguyen and Haley Thomson.

21) And, the guide offered this sage advice : "Don't wear new shoes.

22) Jesse educated his nephews against Hogg, and often provided the cousins with inspirational sage advice .

23) Miller had some sage advice for his sulking , scratched buddy, Pat Kaleta:

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