prepare affidavit in a sentence

1) The attorney will prepare an affidavit for your signature.

affidavit collocations
2) This affidavit was prepared in lieu of a personal appearance, and it has the same probative value.

3) An attorney was then retained to prepare affidavits detailing the allegations before us and to institute this post-conviction proceeding.

prepare affidavit example sentences

4) It is undisputed that Brown then signed an affidavit prepared by Buchan that was wholly inconsistent with his previous tale.

5) Citigroup, which for almost two months has claimed its process for preparing foreclosure affidavits was sound, is reviewing about.

6) Bite marks on his body are mentioned in one of the search warrants, but not in a police affidavit prepared later.

7) Despite this each defendant prepared a long affidavit with statements opposing tyrannical British rule, which were delivered on June 10, 1947.

8) Deed and Record is an online service to prepare affidavits and quit claim deeds for real property transfers into or out of trusts, remove former spouses and gifting.

9) Freeh says McKim later prepared an affidavit that would have recanted his allegations against the Coleman's and Kazeminy in exchange for a financial settlement.

10) In an appeal, Phelps prepared affidavits swearing to the court that he had eight witnesses whose testimony would convince the court to rule in his favor.

11) Botha could not be reached for comment , but The Mercury believes he too has prepared affidavits in support of bail for his clients.

12) But he prepared no affidavit , gave no deposition, and was never interrogated by the Commission as far as the record shows.

13) Can you help by preparing an affidavit of your client to support the motion? [rev. 1/24/08

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