apical in a sentence

1) The apical domain creates a pocket that facilitates substrate binding.

2) Primary growth gives rise to the apical part of many plants.

3) The medial , is lost after apical initials in several areas.

apical example sentences

4) The shorter proximal apical dendrites extend outward and below.

5) Pulmonary involvement, is characterized by slowly progressive apical lung fibrosis.

6) The jaws bear one broad pointed apical papilla.

7) The jaws bear one large blunt apical papilla.

8) Another model studied in apical dendrite development is the rat.

9) Apical is one Indonesia's largest exporters of palm oil.

10) Bright red apical ridges or rays form a peristome.

11) The intermediate domain binds the equatorial domain and the apical domain together.

12) Root apical meristems are not readily cloned, however.

13) The leaves are apical and usually oblong.

14) Apical dendrites are studied in many ways.

15) Apical meristems are composed of several layers.

example sentences with apical

16) The root apical meristem becomes the growing tip of the root.

17) Each pseudobulb bears up to three long, narrow apical leaves.

18) There are two to three white apical whorls.

19) The apical surface of each cochlear hair cell contains a hair bundle.

20) These three regions are apical , middle cytoplasmic and basal lamina.

21) The alveolar sibilants "ts" and "s" are apical .

22) The mechanism of apical dominance is based on the plant hormone auxin.

23) The anther is apical and bears two yellow hard pollinia.

24) Proplastids are commonly found in an adult plant's apical meristems.

25) The flap consonant is generally an apical postalveolar flap with

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