aorist in a sentence

1) The aorist command conveys a sense of urgency.

2) The aorist conveys this aspect in all moods.

3) In the aorist series, intransitive verbs behave differently.

aorist example sentences

4) Effective aorist active indicative of καταλειπω , to leave behind.

5) The aorist tense is graphed by using a dot, an event.

6) The past is expressed by aorist , imperfect, perfect and pluperfect.

7) Aorist tense signifies a completed action.

8) The aorist negative and impotential characteristics are given here because they are anomalous.

9) In Latin the PIE aorist merged with the perfect.

10) Aorist and Imperfect merged and then disappeared.

11) First aorist passive indicative of δηλοω and difficult to render into English.

12) In the Arabic, aorist aspect is the logical consequence of past tense.

13) There is some irregularity in first-person negative and impotential aorists .

14) AO= aorist Tense : Simple,

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