accurate forecast in a sentence

1) Manual forecasting can provide more accurate forecasts .

2) Not a single model made an accurate forecast .

3) Roubini is most likely concerned about making accurate forecasts .

accurate forecast example sentences

4) Information collected from crowd forecasting contributes to a more accurate demand forecast .

5) This made the GFS too coarse for accurate forecasts .

6) Year after year of accurate forecasts ?

7) Identify ways that scientific research and monitoring can contribute to more accurate ecological forecasts .

8) You can still achieve an accurate forecast regardless of the complexity of your business.

9) When used in combination with wind observations, reasonably accurate short-term forecasts can be made.

10) They have to sort the jabs, the visas and get accurate weather forecasts .

11) If so, there is little chance of making accurate long-term forecasts of these systems.

12) Rather than spending time on implementing more accurate forecasts or extensive variance reports, become faster.

13) And accurate forecasts , so you can always find the best conditions for your sport!

14) Informed policymaking in education is dependent on accurate forecasts of the future demand for places.

15) Accurate forecasts of the likelihood of earthquakes can help people prepare for these inevitable events.

use accurate forecast in a sentence

16) Reliable and accurate order forecasts .

17) Oasis provides a more accurate labor forecast for stores to generate schedules that fit their business needs.

18) This is the most accurate forecast we have at the moment , though the situation remains fluid.

19) Models should be regarded as producing "ballpark figures," they write, not accurate impact forecasts .

20) Their obvious interest was in being able to provide the most accurate forecasts to their viewers and listeners.

21) For these discussions to take place in an effective manner accurate forecasts are needed over the medium term.

22) The aim is to deliver accurate precipitation forecasts six to seven days before rain events happen , Ralph said.

23) Consult with the Master and assess accurate weather forecasts and navigational warnings for the relevant area prior departure.

24) Accurate weather forecasts are essential so that dam operators can correctly plan drawdowns prior to a high rainfall event.

25) Hudgin said putting the weather stations and buoys at the beaches will ensure the most accurate water-quality forecasts .

26) The forecast is at stake so picking up on these traits can help the forecaster make a more accurate forecast .

27) NOAA missions , from issuing accurate weather forecasts to researching climate change, depend on this integrated suite of observing systems.

28) The result is an increasingly accurate forecast of the tsunami that can be used to issue watches, warnings or evacuations.

How to use accurate forecast in a sentence

29) Storm also provides advice on how to observe the weather and make an accurate forecast , using simple techniques and instruments.

30) With these results, the NOAA Tsunami Warning Centers can issue more accurate flooding forecasts if an earthquake triggers an actual tsunami.

31) The Trend Determining Method by Aleksey Yudin This model theorizes that accurate market forecasts can be generated when trading the currency markets.

32) But with more accurate forecasts , utilities can cut the amount of power that needs to be held in reserve, minimizing their role.

33) Parametric models are widely believed to provide the most accurate cost forecasts in the early stages of projects when much about the project is still