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Information Questions with "How many and How much" with am - is - are

"How much and How many" questions ask for information about quantity:

Form: How many - How much + noun + is/are + Subject

Singular Subject (uncountable):   How much sugar  is there in the glass?

                    With uncountable nouns, we use"how much + is" Question word.

                    Uncountable nouns: sugar, money, bread, milk, water, salt, time ...

Plural Subject (countable):  How many students are ill?

                    With countable nouns, we use "how many + are" question word.

                    Countable Nouns: book, cat, dog, tree, table, chair...

Note: We don't use yes or no in the answer. We just give some information:

Example Sentences and Answers:

How many apples are there?
→ 9 apples.

How much sugar is there in the cup?
 → Just two grams.

How many children are in the classroom?
→There are 20 students in the clasroom.

How much rice is there?
→ There is no rice.

How many stars are in the sky?
 → Millions.

How much bread is there?
→ Not much.

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