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Too much -  Too many 

Too many and too much gives the negative meaning of "more than needed". It means that you don't like the present situation. 

When you say "there are too many people in the room",  you mean that it is very crowded and you don't like it.

Form:  too much + noun    /    too many + noun

Countable Nouns             Uncountable Nouns

too many cups                     too much coffee

too many problems              too much time

too many people                 too much sugar

Example Sentences:

  • I drink too much coffee every day.

  • There are too many cars in this park.

  • He put too many spoons of sugar in his tea.

  • They spent too much time on the test.

  • Was there too much noise in the library?

  • Too many children are leaving home in the morning without having breakfast.

  • There are too many items on the agenda for the meeting - we'll never get through them all.

  • Watching too much television has a negative effect on children's education.

  • Too much cholesterol in your blood can cause heart disease.

in a sentence

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