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much many

Example Sentences
  • He doesn't spend much time with his family.
  • Many road are under construction.
  • Drunk driving causes many accidents.
  • The writer has written many interesting stories.
  • My dad can't eat eggs because they have too much cholesterol.
  • Too many people in modern society live in an atmosphere of stress.
  • How much meat do we need for tonight?
  • I didn't have much to give you.
  • The school has many social activities.
  • She didn't make many mistakes in the exam.
  • How much do you want to deposit into your account?
  • Teddy eats too much junk food.
  • Many women are not getting enough protein in their diet.
  • Too many car accidents in this country are due to people drinking alcohol.
  • Many of the people who died in Hiroshima were killed by radiation.
  • Reading many books can broaden your knowledge.
  • Much of the soil in the country has been lost due to erosion.
  • Too much sunlight can damage your skin.
  • Bach dedicated much of his music to God.
  • They don't have many friends.
  • The problems of having a company are many.
  • Much may be done to help the poor.
  • Many workers are unhappy.

in a sentence

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