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"of" usage with much and many

When we use much and many with "of", we must use  (the, my, your, these, those) before the noun to be used.

Many people        =    Many of the people
Many countries    =    Many of these countries   (many of these / those , much of this / that)
Much sugar        =    Much of the sugar
Many books        =    Many of your books

but we can use direct with pronouns such as you, us, it.

Many of us        Many of you        Much of it

  • The fire destroyed much of the country's wildlife.
  • Russia is a big country, but much of it is uninhabited.
  • The crowded urban environment is a source of stress for many of us.
  • Many of those who migrate to urban areas are people with low skill levels.
  • Many of our guest rooms overlook our garden.

in a sentence

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