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Is "Much - Many" adjective or pronoun?

Much and many can be used as adjective or pronoun.

When we use them as adjective, we always put a noun after them directly,  which shows the quantity.
  • The school has many activities for students.
  • Drunk driving causes many accidents
  • Teddy eats too much junk food.

When we use them as pronoun, we don't put a noun after it.
  • Much has been said about the issue. (Much information)
  • Many have believed him. (many people)
  • Many are now suggesting that there may be some alternatives to animal testing. (many scientists)
  • Much will be said and written about this problem.
  • I didn't have much to give you.

  • I don't know much / many. (much information / many people)

in a sentence

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