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A lot of / Lots of
Subject - Verb Agreement

When we use a lot of or lots of with countable nouns, we use a plural verb.

  • There are a lot of problems in the project.
  • Lots of students have failed the test.

but when we use them with uncountable nouns, we use a singular verb.

  • There is lots of time spent.
  • A lot of  sugar is needed to make a cake for nine people.

More example sentences:
  • Lots of students have come to the ceremony.

  • There is lots of time.

  • There are a lot of drug users in this area.

  • There is a lot of discrimination against immigrants in this country.

  • A lot of rich people exploit the poor to get their money.

  • A lot of the electricity is produced from hydro-electric dams.

  • There are lots of jobs for teenagers in the tourist industry.

  • Lots of tourists visit Prince Edward Island.

  • Lots of money is needed for studying in Japan.

in a sentence

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