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a lot of - lots of

Example Sentences
  • Nuclear power plants produce a lot of dangerous waste.
  • You need to get lots of sleep.
  • His boldness in business has won him lots of money, but cost him lots of friends.
  • Taking lots of vitamin C can help prevent colds.
  • My children like to drink weak tea with lots of milk and sugar in it.
  • There are lots of job opportunities in this city.
  • A lot of people in Quebec wear heavy fur coats.
  • The new exhibit is getting lots of compliments from visitors
  • She and her husband have a lot of serious problems.
  • Lots of students are looking for good, used cars.
  • Morocco has to import a lot of its food because of its climate.
  • My son does a lot of sports.
  • Living on the coast, we can buy lots of fresh fish.
  • The room gets lots of sunlight.
  • Carla has lots of friends.
  • It'll take a lot of time.
  • Tommy has a lot of job experience.
  • They earn a lot of money.
  • We drank a lot of cold water.
  • My sister spends lots of money.
  • They have lots of interesting ideas.
  • We have seen a lot of changes in this company.
  • The children made a lot of noise.
  • A lot of people wanted to join the club.
  • A lot of bad things happened yesterday.

in a sentence

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