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a few - a little

Example Sentences
  • They have very little success.
  • Politicians make many promises, but very few of them are implemented.
  • Do you have have a little time to get out and go shopping?
  • The company expects to make very little profit or even lose a bit of money.
  • The new change gets little attention.
  • He has sent his book to a few publishing companies.
  • Very few of the problem can be solved today.
  • The cost of computers has dropped in the last few months.
  • The Brazilian team are expected to make the finals with little difficulty.
  • He was able to pass all his courses with very little effort.
  • We were able to snatch a few hours sleep after our long flight.
  • There is little tension between the different ethnic groups in Ghana.
  • Few of them have called me.
  • Your homework has so few mistakes.
  • I had a little money on me.
  • The country has a few economic problems.
  • Your English has improved in the last few months.
  • Ted needs a little time to decide.
  • Can you give a little more money?
  • We need a few dollars to buy that toy.
  • Can I have a little milk?
  • I'm going to be out of town for a few days.
  • A few people expect to be successful.
  • Dan gave me a little advice.
  • Sally spoke only a few words.
  • I think you need a little patience.
  • My son has a little free time these days.
  • A few of the students are ready.

in a sentence

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