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Is "a little - a few" adjective or pronoun?

a little and a few can be used as adjective or pronoun.

When we use them as adjective, we always put a noun after them directly,  which shows the quantity.
  • The school has a few activities for students.
  • Driving within speef limits causes a few accidents
  • Teddy eats a little cheese and bread at breakfast.

 a few
and a little as pronouns

When we use a few and a little with "of" as pronouns, we must use  (the, my, your, these, those) before the noun to be used.

  • Few of the children can read or write yet. (few children)

  • We are having some problems with a few of the tenants. (few tenants)

  • You can use a little of the milk. (a little milk)

  • I could only hear little of your speech.

  • Chris and a few of his musician friends came to us.

We use Few / a few of    with  us, them, you, these, those;

little / a little of  with  it, that, this 

  • When the water has boiled, pour a little of it into a tea pot.

  • Very few of them were able to pass the exam.

  • A few of these can be used for making jam.

  • A little of this is enough.

in a sentence

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