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           Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

Spelling Rules

How do we spell the Present Continuous Tense when we add ing to the verb?

Spelling Table 

Basic Rule We just add +ing to the verb. feed - feeding

drink - drinking

say - saying

ends with -e 

-e falls

write - writing

come  -  coming

dance  -  dancing

if last three letters are

consonant + vowel  + consonant
(vowels = a, e, i, o, u)

(consonants= b,c,d,t,...)

 double syllables

(except for verbs ending -w, -x,  -y )

last consonant is written twice

if stress is on the second syllable, last letter is written twice.

sit  -  sitting

run -  running

swim   -  swimming

stop   - stopping

Prefer preferring

Begin beginning

Control controlling

Forget forgetting

Listen listening

Open opening

Play playing

Show showing

ending with -ie 

-ie falls

-y is used instead.

Lie lying

Die dying

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