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Wh - Question Form of the Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

How do we make a  wh question?

Wh question word (what, when...) + am /is / are + Subject (I, you, we...) +  verb + ing  + others


Wh Question Word Auxilary Verb Subject Verb others
Where are you going to?
What is she watching on TV?
When is Mike leaving school?
Who are you talking to?
Why is the teacher saying that?
How are they coming here?

These wh question words are at the beginning of the sentence. After them, we use auxilary verb and subject.
We don't use yes or no in the answer.

Example Sentences:

"Where" question asks for the place:
  • Where is she living? --> She's living in NewYork.
  • Where are you meeting your friends? --> I'm meeting them at the school.

"What" question asks for information about something:
  • What are you eating ? --> I'm eating fruits.
  • What are you reading? --> I'm reading a funny book.

"When" question asks for information about time:
  • When are you meeting your father? --> I'm meeting him at 9.
  • When is she coming home? --> She is coming home late today.

"Who" question asks for information about a person:
  • Who is she talking on the phone? --> She is talking to her mother.
  • Who are they travelling with? --> They are travelling with Tom.

"Why" question asks for information about reason, explanation:
  • Why is she crying? --> She is crying because she lost her toy car.
  • Why are we waiting here? --> We're waiting here because I cannot find my keys.
"How" question asks for information about manner, the way to do:
  • How is Sally singing?--> She is singing very well.
  • How are they going to work? -->I am going there by train.

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