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She is dreaming about her father.

My wife is feeling better today.

He's always leaving his socks on the chair.

Why is the baby crying a lot?

They are constantly meeting here.

At present she's working in a software company.

The police are looking for him all over the city.

We are eating out tonight.

They are not watching TV right now.

My family is moving to a new house next week.

What are they doing?

Tom is going through a tough time at the moment.

He is continuously smoking near the children.

2000 sailors are presently living in bad conditions.

She isn't listening to me at the moment.

They are staying at a small hotel for the time being.

Dad is having his tooth out next week.

I'm saving money to buy a new car.

We are playing tennis on Saturday afternoon.

How many courses are you taking this term?

I'm expecting a telephone call from my husband.

Are you hoping to see him again?

Are they coming to the meeting?

He is always driving very fast.

The couple is expecting a baby.

When are Tom and Sam leaving the city?

Are oil prices falling down?

Who are you talking to?

They aren't making any plans for the summer holiday.

Turkish economy is getting better these days.

What are you doing now?

She is getting more impatient.

It's getting colder.

He is lying in the bed.

We are transferring you to another hospital.

The child is always biting his nails.

I am doing my best.

It's getting dark.

The guests are waiting in the lobby.

She's sleeping now.

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