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Contractions (Short Forms) of Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

How do we make contractions with the Present Continuous Tense?

Positive Form:

I am          ---      I'm
You are     ---     You're
He is         ---      He's
She is        ---     She's
It is            ---     It's
We are      ---      We're
They are    ---     They're
Tom is       ---    Tom's
Tom and Ted --  Tom and Ted 're (wrong)

Negative Form:

I am not           ---      I'm not   
You are not      ---     You're not            / You aren't
He is not          ---      He's not               / He isn't
She is not         ---     She's not               / She isn't
It is not            ---     It's not                   / It isn't
We are not         ---      We're not            / We aren't
They are not     ---     They're not          / They aren't

Example Sentences:

I'm waiting for the bus.
She's sleeping in the bedroom.
Sally's learning French.
He isn't coming with us.
They aren't watching a comedy film now.
You're not following me.
It isn't snowing.
We aren't talking.

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