Continuous or Non Continuous Verbs - Exercise

Stative Verbs (Non-Progressive)

Fill in the blanks with Simple Present or Present Continuous Tense. Use the verbs in the parenthesis.
1. You can't see Chris now. He (have) a bath.
2. We usually (drink) coffee at noon, but today we (drink) tea.
3. What does she do in the evenings?
She usually (watch) TV.
4. The last train (leave) at 11.45.
5. I (remember) the answer.
6. I (wear) my glasses today, because there is an exam.
7. You can't take the newspaper. I (read) it right now.
8. She always (write) with his left hand.
9. We (believe) everything he says.
10. They (love) watching horror movies.
11. Sue (like) driving a lot.
12. I (want) some cheese.
13. It (rain) very hard. you can't go out.

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