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The Simple Present Tense  &  The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

What is difference between the uses of The Simple Present Tense  &  The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense?

Here is the table showing how to use these two tenses in English with detailed information and example sentences:

The Simple Present Tense The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense
General actions, habits and repeated actions. Actions which are repeated regularly.
  • Peter works at the aircraft factory.    
  • The British people speak English.        
  • She never comes here.                
  • He always answers the questions.    
  • I often see Steven in the library.
Things which are happening at the moment of speaking:
  • Look, the sun is rising.
  • The ice is melting and your hands are wet
Things which are always true or scientific
  • The sun rises in the east.
  • The ice melts if it is hot.
Actions which are happening and changing:

  • Please be quiet! The baby is sleeping.    
  • Margaret is dancing very well tonight.    
  • Don't take that book because  my brother    is reading it.
  • They are studying English at home right now.
  • Is the economy getting better?
Future events which are part of a timetable or schedule:
  • The movie starts at 9.
  • My Math Lesson finishes at 10.30.
  • The train arrives at 12.
  • What time does the match start?
Definite future plans:
  • I am not going to the party tonight.
  • He's visiting his parents next weekend.
  • They are flying to Paris next week.
  • Tom is staring a new job on Friday.
For the newspaper titles, we use this tense.
  • Obama visits Turkey.
  • Somali pirates release food aid ship.
  • Shootings kill 2 Iraqi security officials.

In jokes, anecdotes and film or book summaries

  • A man comes in with a silver knife and starts lauging...
  • In his new film Robert Redford plays the part of a brave cowboy.
To talk about people in pictures and photos:

  • In this photo, my brother is hiding behind a tree.
  • Look, he is falling in a pool. What an interesting picture.

The Present Continuous is used to show an action is temporary (not for a long time)

Banks give credit to earn money. (general)
Banks are giving credits these days to encourage people get into a business. (for a short time)

Teddy teaches at the American College. (general)
Teddy is teaching at the American College. (for a short time)

I consider him to be very lucky. (my genaral idea)
I am considering buying a new car. (right now, I am thinking this way. It may change soon.)

The children love going to park. (general)
The children are loving going to park. (now they are going.)

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