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Both Continuous and Non-Continuous Verbs

Continuous Verbs:
These verbs can be used in continuous tenses (verb + ing) and others.
Non-Continuous Verbs: These verbs cannot be used in continuous tenses (verb + ing).

to see:

I see her. I am seeing her.
(I see her with my eyes.)

I am seeing the doctor.
(To visit or consult with a doctor dentist or lawyer.)

to smell:

The coffee smells good.   The coffee is smelling good.  
(The coffee has a good smell. It is a situation.)

I am smelling the flowers.   
(I am sniffing the flowers. It's an action.)

to taste:

The coffee tastes good.  
(The coffee has a good taste. It is a situation)

I am tasting the cake.  
(I am trying the cake to see what it tastes like.  It's an action.)

to think:

He thinks the test is easy.  
(He considers the test to be easy. It is his idea.)

She is thinking about the question. 
(She is pondering the question going over it in her mind and trying to find an answer right now.  It's an action.)

to weigh:

The table weighs a lot. 
(The table has a great weight. It is a situation)

She is weighing herself.  
(She is determining her weight.  It's an action.)

to feel:

The massage feels great.  
(The massage has a pleasing feeling.)

I don't feel well today. 
I am not feeling well today.
(I am a little sick.)

To look

She looks cold. I'll lend her my coat.
(In this sentence, the verb "look" means "seem". it is a situation.)

The baby is looking out the window.
( the verb "look" is an action of looking.)

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