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Would Rather / Would Sooner / Would Just As Soon  modals have the same meaning. We use them to express our preference.

  • They would rather die than surrender. ( They choose to die, but never want to serrender.)
  • I'd rather you came with us.
  • I would just as soon stay in - I'm not feeling very well.
  • I'd just as soon stay at home as go out tonight.
  • I'd just as soon work at home and not have the hassle of the subway every morning.
  • I would just as soon not hear about it
  • She'd sooner share a house with other students than live at home with her parents
  • I would sooner (that) my son became a doctor .

Note:  WOULD RATHER never takes a noun afterwards. It must be used with a verb.
  • He would rather  a house in the town.   we can use as: (I prefer a house in the town.)
  •  He would rather have a house in the town.    

in a sentence

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