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Would rather + Somebody did something

would rather + Somebody did something

When the person performing the action is different from the subject, we use use Simple Past Tense, but meaning is  present or future.

  • I'd rather go by bus ( I will go by bus)

    I'd rather he went by bus. (He will not go by bus.) (meaning: present)

  • He wants to be a teacher but I'd rather he became a doctor.

  • I would rather (that) you stayed at home. (but you will go out)

  • My father would rather I lived in Istanbul. (I am living in Paris now.)

  • The teacher would rather the students didn't talk during the lesson. (They are chatting)

  • I'd rather you didn't smoke in the car. (you are smoking in the car.)

would rather + Somebody had done something

When we are talking about an action happened in the past, we use  past perfect, and meaning is past. We usually express our regret with this structure.

  • My friend took me to the opera yesterday. I'd rather he had taken me to the theater instead.

  • My son became a teacher last year. I'd rather he had become a doctor.

  • She'd rather I hadn't sent this present to her. She doesn't like it.

  • I'd rather she had gone there by plane. She went by bus.

in a sentence

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