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Would rather (Continuous and Past Use)

Continuous Usage:  We use progressive form when we wish to be doing something else. We express boredom or our hope to be doing a new activity. 
We usually use be + verb ing with this structure.

  • I would rather be walking in the forest than (be) reading this.
  • She'd rather be listening to music now than doing this boring job.
  • Mike would rather be lying on the beach than be going to the summer school.
  • Mom would rather be cleaning the house than gossiping.
  • We'd rather not be sitting here.

Past Usage: We use past form to express our regret in the past. We usually use have + verb 3 with this structure.
  • We went by air, although I would rather have gone by sea.
  • I'd rather have stayed at home than (have) gone to that boring party.
  • She'd rather have died than have seen this.
  • He'd rather have retired than gone to that city.
  • I would rather have gone to bed earlier last night.
  • Sally would rather have learned English before.

in a sentence

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