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"Would Prefer" example sentences

They would prefer you to start tomorrow.

I prefer to have finished it yesterday.

I would prefer not to leave this job to John

I prefer him not to go alone.

They would prefer me not to live in London.

Tom prefers learning English to French.

We prefer to stay home rather than get wet in the rain.

The teacher prefers the students to use a pencil in the exam.

We prefer not to talk about it.

My brother prefers watching football to playing it.

I would prefer to come early rather than be late.

My students usually prefer painting with watercolours.

I would prefer Mozart to Bach.

Would you prefer to pay with, cash or credit card?

I and my wife would prefer to go on holiday in September.

Do you prefer cooking with electricity or gas?

Would you prefer an espresso or a cappuccino?

in a sentence

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