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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 
Why don't... / Why doesn't...

Suggestions are used when we are deciding  to do something with other people, or giving them advice on different situations.

Why don't ... is one of the mostly used suggestion forms.

How to use:

Your mother says she feels tired.
Your suggestion:
Mom, why don't you go to bed early today?

Situation:  Your friend says his wife can't decide which cellphone to buy.
Your suggestion:
Why doesn't she go to a techno shop and look at all models.

Example Sentences:
  • A: I have a headache.

    B: Why don't you take an aspirin?

  • Why don't you call her?

  • Why don't we have a rest?

  • Why doesn’t Sam go to a dentist?

  • Why doesn’t he go to a dentist

  • Why don't they come to Istanbul with me?

  • Why don't you ring Sam and ask him to the cinema?

  • Why doesn't your sister take a rest?

  • Why doesn't dad go to bed?

  • Why doesn't she come with us?

in a sentence

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