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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 

Example Sentences

  • Let's try to keep this discussion short.
  • Let's go up to the corner where there's a traffic light.
  • Let's be frank; we don't agree and we never will.
  • Let's get some salt and vinegar for the meal tonight.
  • Shall I make some tea?
  • Shall we go the movies tonight?
  • What time shall we go out?
  • Where shall I park your car?
  • Why don't you take off your shoes, sit down and relax?
  • Why don't you stop by my office before you go home?
  • Why doesn't your wife go lie down for a while?
  • We could meet friends and go for a picnic.
  • She could go to a course to improve her French.
  • You could just sit down and think it more.
  • It would be great to take a break now.
  • It would be nice to have some tea.
  • We should leave now.
  • You should take some pills for your headache.

in a sentence

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