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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 

Suggestions are used when we are deciding  to do something with other people, or giving them advice on different situations.

should ... can also be used for making suggestions as strong advice.

should + verb1

How to use:

A friend says she cannot sleep.
Your suggestion:
You should take a hot shower or drink some milk.

Situation:  It is getting late.
Your suggestion:
We should go home now.

Example Sentences:
  • A: I have a headache.

    B: You should take an aspirin.

  • If you have problems, you should call him and talk about them.

  • You look very tired. You should take a rest.

  • He has a terrible toothache. He should go to a dentist.

  • You should go home early tonight. Your mother is very angry at you.

in a sentence

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